Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The Four Essentials of a High-Performance Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone page used for digital marketing. The sole purpose of its creation is a marketing or advertising campaign. A perfect landing page should have a prominent trail to visit your virtual store. Creating an ideal landing page isn’t a simple task. It requires many essential elements. Especially the landing pages of digital marketing services should contain all the below-mentioned essentials for best results.
1.    A Distinguishing USP
The business owners often overlook the need for a Unique Selling Proposition, but they are unaware of its importance. It is a useful element for creating a business that customers love. Your page USP enhances the performance of the landing page. It is the actual proposal which is the unique feature of your company’s position in the marketplace. Craft your USP according to the clear expectations of your customers. It should define what advantages will the customers get by choosing your product and services. The USP can be divided into the following elements.
The main headline: the headline of the page must be unique and attractive.
The supporting headline: the supporting headline must elaborate your headline. It should further clarify the headline.
The reinforcement statement: this statement should further strengthen the description of the product or services that you are offering. It creates perfect landing pages.
The closing argument: It is the final chance to communicate the benefit of your services or products to the customers. It backs up the central proposition and contains a call-to-action.
2.    Visual Representation
The landing page should represent the context of use. It could be done by following the visual representation. The visual representation will act as the Hero Shot of the landing page. It will help the visitors in understanding what your website is and what it is offering.
Photos/images: Consider the example of a folding iron stand. After a short description of the item, a standard white background photo would work as the hero shot. You can also add additional pictures of a person using it and then fold it back afterward, saving the space.
Videos: As you know that a Camera never portrays falsehood, so a video is a more convincing way to showcase your products and services. The videos should impart a sense of need by illustrating direct advantages to everyday life.
3.    Social Proof
Your product or services could be the best globally. The online businesspersons should lay this claim. People never believe your entitlements unless they hear it from the other people. Social proof is there to help you out in this regard. Social proof will create a positive influence by the visitors who have used your products or services. When the visitors land on your web page, they have no idea whether your products or seo services in USA are praiseworthy or not. If you show them positive feedback, they will prefer availing your offer. You can use the social proof on your landing pages as follows:
•    Customer testimonials
•    Case studies
•    Number of shares
•    Embedded social media posts
•    Number of users
4.    Call-To-Action
A Call-To-Action is a proper invitation for the visitors to know more about the products and the services of the websites. The persons should understand what will happen next after they click a button. The Call-To-Action must be brief but effectively delivering the message. You can do the following things for it.
•    Start CTA with an action
•    It should contain 3-5 words
•    It should be the most prominent feature of your web page. For this reason, you can use contrasting colors.
•    Use these words, “Get Discounts,” “Save Now,” “Get Your Copy,” or choose your own description which best goes with your product, service or industry.

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