Monday, September 10, 2018

How Do You Know When Your Family Is Complete?

Something that many parents, parents to be, and even those who simply dream of having kids one day wonder, is how to know when their family is complete. This is of course, down to each individual family. Each family is unique and what is right for one may not be right for another. That being said, there are a few ways you can tell when your own family is complete.

Below we have a few signs you can look for so you know for sure when your family is complete:

You’re Ready To Give Away The Baby Stuff
Do you have a ton of baby stuff lurking around the house, and rather than keep it ‘just in case’ like you used to, you find yourself considering giving it away? If you’re ready to give away the baby stuff you own, then it’s highly likely you can sense that your family is now complete. However, if you find yourself thinking of places you can store these items to keep them safe, it may be a sign you’re not done after all, even if you say you are.

You Remember All Of The Hard Times of Pregnancy
Many women who aren't done having babies miraculously forget about all of the hard times during pregnancy. They don’t remember the pain, the clothes that don’t fit, the trouble sleeping, the stretch marks, the favorite foods that started to make them gag...they just remember the amazing life growing inside of them and how they swelled with love and pride when that life came into the world. Of course, if a pregnancy was particularly complicated, that doesn’t always mean you’re done. If you still desperately want another child, you could find a surrogate mother or look into other options available to you. However, if you’re not really longing for another little pair of feet and you can recall perfectly the struggle of pregnancy, this could be a huge sign that you’re done.

You’re No Longer Jealous Of Expectant Parents
Remember those feelings of jealousy whenever you met another pair of expectant parents, or one of your friends announced she was having a baby? Well, if you no longer feel that way, it could be a sign you’re feeling fulfilled exactly the way you are. You can be happy for your friends, of course, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to add to your own brood.

Finances Are Piling Up
A big sign that you should consider calling your family officially complete: finances are piling up. It’s no secret that having kids is expensive. You usually need a bigger house, so you have space to raise them. You need clothes and food for them. Toys. You need to send them to a good school, buy their supplies, and take them places to bond with them and have fun as a family. Then there are occasions like birthdays and Christmas. If your finances are already stretched, it could be time to call it a day on the pregnancy front.

Your Relationship Is On The Rocks
This isn’t something many people like to think about, however, it’s common and it should be discussed. Not every relationship is perfect, but having a baby can really bring those imperfections to light. Your partner, who was once mildly lazy, might become even more so when the baby is screaming and crying at night. Perhaps they go to work and ask you ‘why you haven’t done anything all day when you've just been sat in the house.’ Miscommunication and a lack of understanding can be a huge issue for partners when they have kids. If your relationship is already unstable, please, don’t bring another child into it. Your kids pick up on your emotions, and if you’re constantly fighting, they will be sad and stressed too, even if they put on a brave face for you. Even babies can sense the atmosphere around them.

Your Stamina Is Declining
Getting older usually means less stamina than you once had. It can mean slowing down a little and not feeling as energetic as you used to. Kids require a whole lot of energy! If you struggle to get everything done in a day already, and get out of breath doing a small task, then it could be a good sign that your family is complete.

It can be hard when your baby leaves that intoxicating newborn stage. However, it’s important to cherish all stages of your kid’s lives, and not just that very first stage!