Friday, December 21, 2018

3 Popular Roofing Materials

Building a new home is definitely an exciting time, and for many, the chance to design their own living space is a dream come true. There is so much to consider and when it comes to roofing materials, one is spoiled for choice, with both natural and composites that offer many benefits, and with that in mind, here are some of the popular roofing choices available today.

1. Traditional Shingles - They come in all shapes and sizes and for many years, were the preferred roofing material if slate was too costly. Modern roofing tiles offer excellent heat reflective properties, which helps to keep the interior cooler in the summer months, and if the roof is installed by professionals, you can expect to enjoy many years of protection. Colours are varied, allowing you to create a distinguished look, and with copper or lead, you can certainly enhance the look of your home. Should you ever need to replace a few shingles, the Minnesota roofing contractor would be able to find a perfect match, and with regular inspections, your roof will last for many years. It makes sense to ask several roofing companies to quote for the project, and you can ask to view some of their previous projects, which will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

2. Slate Rooves - Despite the emergence of composite materials, you can’t beat a slate roof. This classic and timeless look will stand the test of time and it is environmentally friendly too. This traditional skill is still alive and you would have no problem finding a company offering slate roofing in Sydney, especially if you use Google. The slate roofing contractor would undoubtedly be a master and would only use the best quality slate. You can expect a solid 15-year guarantee on a slate roof that is designed and built by experts. You might be thinking that a slate roof will require a second mortgage, yet it is affordable and dollar for dollar, and is still the number one roofing material for the majority of Australian homeowners.

3. Metal Roofing - The modern home might be best covered by a metal roof, and with a choice of steel or aluminium, a metal roof will definitely stand the test of time and with the right treatment, will not corrode. Again, you are not limited with colour and finish choices, and by using a specialist roofing company that focus on metal rooves, you can be sure of a first call job. If you live in a coastal area where storms are commonplace, a metal roof might be the best solution.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the design is suitable and by finding a local specialist roofing contractor, you can be sure of a first-class job that will last for many years. If slate is your preferred choice, make sure you locate a specialist contractor, one that works mainly with slate, and with their help, your slate roof will be a notable feature of the property and can withstand the harsh climate.


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