Thursday, December 13, 2018

How to Take a Sabbatical on a Budget

After years of diligence at your workplace, your employer has decided to award you with a recharge of a sabbatical. You’re excited that you’ll have three months at your disposal but there is one thing that threatens to dampen the spirit: You’re working on a strict budget!
Well, even when you are worried that you may not afford that dream vacation to Africa, you’ll realize that there are still many activities that can brighten up your three-month sabbatical. Read on to find useful tips!
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The following are key activities that you can undertake regardless of your budget:

Reconnect with Yourself

A sabbatical offers you an opportunity for soul-searching and introspection which will enable you to reconnect with your life goals and purpose. You should evaluate your life and determine whether you’ve upheld all the values that you consider crucial in determining the course of your life.

If you realize that you have deviated, then it’s the right time to make amends and steer your life back to its course! The secret to achieving this is to listen to people’s honest feedback about you and aligning it with your goals. Also, try to stay away from electronic gadgets; if possible you can look for a serene environment where you can have your quiet time!

Visit Inexpensive Places

The fact that you’re on a tight budget does not mean that you cannot have adventurous escapades. You just need to visit inexpensive local spots where you’ll enjoy nature and have relaxing walks at affordable prices.

Also, you can tag along with your family for a bike ride, boat riding, bird viewing, mountain climbing or any other activity that you enjoy. While these activities can offer you all the adventure and the joy you’ve been looking for, they are relatively affordable. The best thing about such activities is their flexibility. For example, you may decide to pack your meals without compromising the quality of the trip. This will significantly reduce your budget for the trip thus making it affordable!

You may also consider visiting historical sites to reconnect with history. An afternoon walk to the museum would be fulfilling! Afterward, you may join your family for an evening session of your favorite outdoor sport! Whether its baseball, volleyball, hockey, or golf, just engage your family and enjoy the relaxing experience that will linger for long thereafter.

Look for Cheaper Food and Lodging Options

You need to take several weeks of your sabbatical to travel. This may not necessarily be expensive since you can decide to slash the main expenses by opting for affordable alternatives. For example, packed meals can significantly reduce your travel budget! If you have a while before your sabbatical, you can wait until November and then purchase food storage containers in bulk (they go on sale then).

If you’re not a fan for packed meals, you can exploit other options including intermittent fasting sessions for adults, batch cooking on the grill, or taking advantage of happy hour offers in various restaurants.

For accommodation, you may need to look for affordable lodgings or go for alternatives including camping, glamping, or couch surfing with friends and relatives. You can also check out the Airbnb for affordable house rental. What’s best about this option is the fact that you can cost-share the rent with friends or relatives thus making it very affordable!


We have discussed several methods to enable you to enjoy your sabbatical even when you do not have the cash to splash around. One noble idea that we’ll conclude with is service to humanity. You should consider using your sabbatical to reach underprivileged individuals in society. For example, helping the orphans, the elderly, widows, and those individuals with various disabilities.

You will achieve this either as an individual or by joining established organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Also, churches take in volunteers to help them in spreading love to the disadvantaged even for a short term. This will be highly noble and you’ll pride in it forever!
If you’ve been awarded a sabbatical and you’re not sure how you will spend it, then this article is meant for you. You should go through all the tips that we’ve provided and select that which suits you the best.

It's important to note that these activities do not call for splashing of cash but rather your time and devotion. Now you have no excuse to frown at your sabbatical.