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7 Resolutions for a Stress-Free Year

For so many of us, the excitement of the new year brings about plenty of stress and anxiety about making sure that we follow through on our New Year’s resolutions. This 2019, let’s put an end to that and make a resolution to have a year that’s as calm and as stress-free as possible. Although it’s impossible to ensure that nothing stresses you out this year, the way you handle stressful situations makes all the difference. And, there are several popular New Year’s resolutions that you might have already made, such as eating better or exercising more, which can actually help you get your stress levels back under control. If your idea of a good 2019 is to worry and stress less, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get started.
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#1. Prioritize Time for Yourself:

Do you ever spend so much time working, looking after your home, tending to the kids, and participating in other things that you feel that you have no time left for yourself at all? Spending your life making everything else a priority can be rewarding, but it’s important to know where to draw the line. After all, not prioritizing yourself can lead to additional stress and worries that you simply don’t need. Make 2019 the year that you stop putting your own needs on the back burner. Take that holiday, go somewhere on your own, get a babysitter and go on a date more often, run more warm baths for yourself, read more books. Make time for doing the things that you enjoy and make you feel good, and never feel guilty about it.

#2. Practice Gratitude:

Our daily lives can quickly become routine and mundane, and as a result, it becomes easy to start taking more for granted. Think about everything that you have – a job that pays you, a car you can drive to work, a home to live in, food on the table. For many people, we take these things for granted every single day, but we’d definitely miss them if they were taken away from us. Practicing gratitude can be something as simple as making a conscious effort to be thankful that it hasn’t rained today. Or, be grateful that it has rained because we need it just as much as we need sunshine. Doing this can help you re-train your way of thinking and always find something to be thankful for, even when the going is tough. As a result you will stress less and appreciate more.

#3. Have Fun with Your Resolutions:

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make in the new year is taking their resolutions too seriously. Doing this means that as soon as you slip up, you feel like you’ve failed miserably and find it difficult to get back on track. Every January, thousands of people sign up for the gym but don’t make it until February, or resolve to quit smoking and are back on the cigarettes by March. Don’t let yourself get down if you don’t immediately change everything that you want to straight away. After all, you have a whole year to make your resolutions become reality. One great way to do this is to have some fun with them. Treat it like a game – if you manage to stick to your resolution for a week, for example, reward yourself by doing something that you enjoy, buying something that you want, or putting some money aside to treat yourself with at the end of the month or year. If you slip up, simply draw a line under it and start again. Tomorrow is a new day!

#4. Break Your Goals Down:

Maybe you want to lose 100 pounds in 2019, or perhaps you want to finally quit your pack-a-day habit. Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to save $50k towards owning your own home. These are all massive goals that can seem very intimidating when you look at them head-on. Instead of tackling huge goals at once, breaking them down into smaller, more achievable objectives can make them easier to master. For example, aim to lose seven pounds of weight in January, cut down to half a pack of cigarettes a day by April, or save $1,000 this month. Do you see how much easier it seems already? Keep going, and eventually, you’ll be reaching your ultimate goals.

#5. Make Long-Term Resolutions:

Making big resolutions when you only have a year to complete them can seem seriously daunting. So, don’t put a time limit of a year on getting to where you want to be, just make sure that 2019 is the year that you get started. If you have a lot of weight to lose, for example, don’t pressure yourself into making sure that it’s all gone and you’re at your target weight by New Year’s Eve. Simply changing your lifestyle for good is always going to be a better alternative, as you’ll develop healthier habits and be able to make better choices, right into 2020 and beyond.

#6. Look After Your Health:

If you want a stress free 2019, looking after your health has to become a top priority. Don’t do it because you are punishing yourself for all the little indulgences that have added up over the festive period. It’s nice to treat yourself, but it’s also nice to make sure that your body is getting the nutrition that it needs. Make a conscious effort to make healthier choices, but don’t deprive yourself of treats either! Exercise, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss the odd gym session now and then. When it comes to looking after yourself, you’ll always see better results if you resolve to change your entire lifestyle for good, rather than simply ‘losing weight this year’. Make smart choices with the foods that you eat – carrots, milk, yogurt, nuts, tea, oily and fatty fish, and even some cheeses can all help with stress relief.
Supplements can fill in the gaps in our diet. Adding an adrenal supplement to your diet can help, as can vitamin and mineral supplements. See a selection of Innate Response products here if you think supplements would help.

#7. Invite More Good Into Your Life:

Last but not least, make 2019 the year that you banish negativity from your life for good. Inviting more good into your life, whether it be people, animals, hobbies, work or even things, can help you to feel more positive and less stressed. Spending some time volunteering to help others, for example, at an elderly people’s home, children’s club, or even an animal shelter can do wonders for your self-esteem, inviting more kindness, compassion, and happiness into your life.
Get rid of resolutions that focus on something ‘wrong’ with you, such as being overweight or not earning enough money, and instead make goals that focus on making your life even better than it is. Making new friends, learning new skills, and starting new hobbies are all excellent resolutions to make for those who want to embrace and increase the good in their lives. Lastly, don’t feel bad about cutting out toxic and negative people. No matter who they are, they are likely the main source of your stress and you are under no obligation to allow it.

What’s your stress-free resolution for 2019? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.


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