Thursday, January 24, 2019

How to Bring Kids to a Music Festival

Taking your kids to a music festival is no joke, not even for people who have done it previously. Numerous things have to be considered before embarking on such an activity. Nonetheless, adequate preparation can make a music festival extremely fun for all family members.

Select the Ideal Festival

Keep in mind that not all music festivals are children-friendly. The first thing you need to consider is whether there will be daytime music and if some of it is ideal for the family. Many families like folk music festivals, as the general daytime entertainment selection is somewhat kid-friendly compared to the music played at a huge rock festival. What’s more, go for a festival that will feature other kids in the audience. Festivals that promote kids’ activities such as children’s music are an excellent sign.

Ensure that the Children are Comfortable with It

If your children are not big on outdoor activities or do not like loud music, consider taking them where they will enjoy like the nearby water park. Also, if you are uncertain about your kids’ reaction in a huge festival, try taking them to a one-day event before going with them to an entire weekend music extravaganza.

Carry what you Need

When preparing for the festival, try remembering all that you might require out there. Making a checklist early enough to simplify your double-checking task when packing is a good idea. While packing basic requirements like medications or even first aid kits do not forget your child’s favorite bedtime storybook, toy, or teddy bear. Furthermore, bring along more clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Be sure to pack your scarf, coat, and other layering basics during winter weather.

Build a Comfortable Base Camp

In case you have camping plans for the full weekend festival, find a suitable spot where you can set up some chairs or a blanket (if the festival’s terms and conditions allow it). Having a place where you and your family can come back to relax after enjoying music performances would be awesome! Hence, if the festival allows you to put up a beach umbrella or something similar for some shade, do not hesitate.

Mobility is Key

Moving around with your children, diaper bags, toys, and snacks among other things can be tough. As such, ensure that you have easy mobility solutions. You can get a classic red wagon to carry your stuff around while the kids walk beside it comfortably. Also, consider getting a backpack-style carrier for your toddler-age child to let him or her see the events taking place. For a grassy terrain or setting, go for an all-terrain stroller for smooth movement.

Maintain a Regular Family Schedule

Even though it may be difficult, try sticking to your regular family schedule. For instance, if your children take a nap every afternoon, they should do the same even at the festival. Following this schedule will not only help in maintaining your children’s sanity but also make it possible for them to last the entire weekend.

Obtain a Schedule of Special Children’s Activities

Nowadays, many festivals provide kid-specific activities like free lessons, organized sporting events, craft-making, and music workshops. Since they advertise such schedules in advance, you can grab a copy and tick some of the activities that your kids like.

Enjoy the Music

Most children love live music compared to other kinds. They also love dancing. In case of any worries about your children relating to the festival music get some CDs of music bands set to perform at the festival ahead of the D-day. Doing so will help your kids to familiarize themselves with the songs. Additionally, do not forget to carry earplugs or noise protection earmuffs to keep away harmful noise.

Eat, Drink, and Stay Happy

During the festival, ensure that your family remains well-hydrated and fed. If the festival allows you to carry your drinks and food, please do. Bear in mind, that purchasing vendor food may be a costly undertaking. Worst case scenario, regular kiddie fare may not be available.

Stay Safe

If you are taking your child to a festival for the first time, his or her safety ought to be your core concern. The first precaution has to be keeping your eyes on your children at all times. Secondly, mark your kid somewhere with your telephone number. Lastly, keep in mind what your child is wearing. For instance, you can take a picture of your kid right after dressing up in the morning, especially at the festival.

Give your Children Tips on What to do In case they Get Lost

Upon arrival at the festival, take some time to show your children what to do in case they get lost. Since festival officials, including security guards, have a specified uniform/dress code, kids can locate them quickly.