Monday, March 18, 2019

How To Capture Amazing Holiday Shots

In the modern world of photo-sharing platforms, a brilliant holiday picture is a picture that gathers likes and followers from all horizons on Instagram. Ultimately, as society has made image-sharing a habit, it’s easy to understand how most people naturally compare and rank their experiences online. Is the holiday as enjoyable as you think it is if you don’t have an Insta-worthy shot of it?

Of course, it would be foolish to pretend that social media can define the quality of your vacation. However, what it taps into is your desire to stand out from the crowd and be different, your individualism. The years when you would invite friends and relatives to watch your holiday photos are long gone! Nowadays, you can share online and in real time. But because everyone is doing the same, you need to know how to capture mesmerizing shots.

Pick high-quality devices
You can’t decently expect people to care about blurry films and photos. The best family holiday shot is about presenting your relatives and friends with high-quality images. Ultimately, you need to invest in a photo or film-making device that has a high resolution. You might have experienced the issue with screen recording equipment especially, where the video you capture ends up looking fuzzy. The reason for this issue is that the video you capture will also have the resolution of your screen; consequently, you want a high res to get the best possible results – aka a 400x400 pixel frame is a no go! When filming, the frame rate also plays a significant role in the final result, as a low rate will make the movement look broken. If you’re in the process of ├╗rchase a camera – for films or photos, or both – you want to research your options to make an informed decision for your budget.

Try a new angle
How many pictures of people holding the Tower of Pisa have you seen? If the answer is too many, you’re not the only one. Even though your friends are glad that you’re enjoying your vacation, nobody wants to see the same old picture over and over. In short, you have to be creative about your holiday shots! If you’re up for a challenge, you could even consider attaching a camera to a flying object to create a bird’s eye-view – you can achieve great results with this type of drone camera, for instance. While you might need to clarify your flying authorization ahead, it’s a fantastic take on a famous landscape! For everyday pictures, you can have a simple DIY filter to transform the image. There’s nothing more breathtaking than a portrait through clean plastic to add a new depth to the subject!

Create a theme
Last, but not least, you can give yourself a thematic challenge. Why not take only pictures of red objects during your holiday, for example? This can be especially powerful if you are planning on creating a photo album to share online – on Facebook. Another excellent take on your vacation is to photograph people instead of sightseeing locations. Imagine seeing India through the eyes of the locals instead of the Taj Mahal.

Making holiday memories with a twist is a challenge for everyone who uses social media. Your photos are compared and judged by hundreds of users, and ultimately, harsh comments can ruin your vacation. Besides, it also gives you the opportunity to discover a new culture from a different perspective, by seeing things through the eye of the filmmaker or the photographer.