Tuesday, April 9, 2019

4 Surprising Ways To Update Your Home

As you update sections of your home, you may have trouble deciding what flooring to have laid in the various rooms you are redoing. With so many new styles and options available, the decision really comes down to what you like and how practical the surface will be for the activities held inside the room. To help make your decision a little easier, here are four surprising ways to update your floors.
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Cement Floors
Durable and easy to clean, the modern cement floor in no way resembles the garage floors that may come to mind when discussing an epoxy concrete floor. You can choose from a variety of textures, patterns and colors in the new epoxy covered cement. Whether you choose the surface for a kitchen, bathroom, or rumpus room floor, the seamless surface can make a hard-wearing shell for many years. If you are worried about slipping on the surface, there are anti-slip additives that can be added to enhance your floor’s safety.

Glass Backsplashes
Although glass has been used in home decorations for more than 4000 years, creative colors of clear glass have been the most favored tiles used in churches and as windows for the past 2500 years. Once only the wealthy could have glass adorning their homes, but contemporary glass tiles now lend their beauty to middle-class house all across the world. Designed with textures, exciting colors, and in various shapes, the modern glass tile can make a lovely addition to your remodeling project. If you want your home to have a green touch, choose glass countertops and backsplashes created from recycled jars and bottles.

Rubber Wall
Thin sheets of rubber, or smaller rubber tiles, have become a resilient option for flooring and playroom walls in many modern homes. Crafted to look like anything from hardwood flooring to bamboo sheeting, the textured surface can also come in glossy or matte styles. Popular in yoga areas, the soft give of the tiles can also be a great option for bathrooms, mudrooms, and home gyms.

If remodeling has frayed your nerves and you decided that any new flooring choices need to be put on hold, why not try to update your old floor with a new rug. Not only can you define the area by adding a rug, but the small carpeting can also add a splash of color where you need it.
You no longer need to choose from carpet, tile or hardwood when you update your home. Instead, why not select one of the surprising choices listed above. With all the styles and textures available, you can find something amazing to include in your updated home.