Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Raise your Brow: How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Makeup Color

Choosing the right color of eyebrow makeup can be a little bit complicated. This is because you’ll more likely to get torn between natural-looking brows and well-defined ones. Whether you prefer powder, pencil, gel, or pomade, the wrong color can give your eyebrows too much emphasis or the impression that they’re not natural. The best way to go is find a shade that matches well with your hair color and skin tone. So how do you that exactly? Here are tips and tricks for you.
Choosing based on Hair Color
When choosing eyebrow makeup that goes well with your brown or black hair, the rule is to pick a color that is one or two shades lighter. These shades should look as natural as possible. Why not choose the exact same color as your hair, you ask? It’s because skin oil causes eyebrow color to appear darker. This is why going for lighter shades ensures your brows are not too defined.
If you have light brown or blonde hair, the best option will be a color that is one or two shades darker. Your choice of shade should be a little bit on the dark side to properly highlight your brows without going overboard. Again, it must also look as real as possible. Here are other reminders when buying eyebrow makeup.

Choosing based on Skin Tone
If you have rosy skin, go find an eyebrow makeup online that is ashy blonde in color. This color should match well with the pink and blush undertones of your face. If you have light complexion, a light brown makeup should be perfect.
If your skin is on the olive or tan side, choose a light or medium brown color. These shades should be enough to emphasize your eyes and make the area stand out against a sun-kissed skin.
For darker skin tones, brown matte is the ideal choice. Go for a product that is one or two shades lighter than your skin so you can give your eyebrows sufficient definition. Don’t forget the matte finish for added effect.
Some Final Advice
Take note that these are only suggestions when choosing your eyebrow makeup. As a general rule, choose a product that will best complement your overall look, including your makeup and attire. More importantly, pick a color that you’re comfortable to don. In many cases, you have to try several shades in front of the mirror to see what works well for you. Don’t forget to ask the honest opinion of a friend as well.