Friday, May 3, 2019

6 Unique Gift Ideas For 5-Year-Old Girls

Toys, dolls, cute accessories, fairytale books, and many other things are your choices of gifts for a 5-year old girl. Girls love their storybooks, dolls, and in all innocence are curious about all the things that they want to learn. Spending time with their pals, family, and busy with all activities, the life of a 5-year-old girl is full of zeal and new things to learn.

Adorable gifts for a 5-year-old girl

1. Cute elephant plush toy

This is a cute elephant plush toy that a 5-year-old girl will love as a birthday gift. It is soft and fluffy and girls at this age love the company of their plush toys. Take them to outings, and introduce this cute stuffed animal to your playmates. It is soft and cuddly and makes for a great birthday gift for a girl who has reached 5 years of age. She can grab onto the large ears of the elephant toy and have fun playing with it. A cute stuffed animal that she can have with her all the time giving her company.

2. Set of cute hair clips for girls

A set of hair clips that go with any dress is one of the nicest gifts that you can give a 5-year-old girl. There are 8 different hair clips inside this set. They look super cute on your daughter and come with great quality. They are all made in gorgeous design and look pretty on 5-year-old girls. Dress up your little ones for any occasion and accessorize their hair with these cute hair clips. A cute gift that can be used for a longer period of time and make the little angel look pretty. They are available in all sizes and look good on the hair of all lengths.

3. Headphones designed for toddlers

These are special headphones in pink color that the girls of this age will love. They come with an adjustable band that fits the size of the head of the toddler. They are foldable and have extra padding for the ears. They work well with all the devices. Carry it along with you when you travel so your little angel can enjoy watching her favorite programs, listen to music, and audiobooks. A sweet gift to give an angel this headphone on her birthday and let her spend time enjoying her favorite music and shows.

4. Pretty vintage style cute dress

Gift this cute dress to the little one who has reached 5 years of age on her birthday. This is a classy and  vintage dress that has polka dots and looks stylish. Your little angel can get a lot of compliments with this fashionable gift. It fits perfectly and comes in a high-quality fabric. Your 5-year-old daughter will love this gift on her birthday. A dress that she can wear it on any occasion and look pretty. Espadrilles, ballerinas, and hair accessories look good with this dress. Your little one will totally rock the vintage style in this dress.

5. Pretend playgirl purse

A pretend play purse that comes with pretend makeup and accessories is one of the best gifts you can give a 5-year-old girl. They can go on mock fashion parades and fulfill their fantasy of being a fashion icon role-playing with this gift. Your little one can have a lot of fun and a girly time with this gift that lets her explore her personality, creativity, and imagination. It comes with a mock flip phone, car keys that have a remote, a mock credit card that lets her role play of a glamorous and ambitious woman.

6. Cute backpack for girls

A cute backpack that comes with a little doll is one of the unique gift ideas for 5-year-old girls. Your little one can take it to school, picnics, outings, and any place where you travel. Keep their clothes, toys, and accessories in them. It is lightweight and kids can carry them around with them. It has many pockets and clasps that lets them keep their things organized and secured. This is a waterproof backpack that has zipper closures. It is made in lavender color and your little one will adore this gift. A lovely gift for the little angel.

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