Thursday, May 30, 2019

Making It A Good Ride For Everyone: School Bus Safety Lessons For Kids

Federal statistics indicate there have been 23 deaths due to school bus accidents in Canada, and 10,480 documented injuries. While these statistics are lower than in other countries, they are still alarming.
Even though school buses have rules, there’s quite a bit of confusion for riders. After all, many school buses are chaotic simply because children haven’t been given the information needed to know how they can stay safe, and help keep others safe, too.
In addition to ensuring children stay safe if an accident occurs, it’s also important to teach children general safety rules to make sure everyone on the bus has a great ride. Sharing safety tips for riding a school bus can help parents, teachers, and drivers feel confident that the kids will know what to do if an emergency occurs.
Dive into the rules children need to know when riding a bus.
Riding The Bus Is A Privilege Each day, millions of students get on big, yellow buses to get safely to school in the morning and to arrive home safely in the afternoon. When children know the rules, this can be avoided.
The first thing they should understand is that riding the school bus is a privilege. This means it isn’t something everyone has the opportunity to do. This makes it even more important to follow the safety rules to make sure everyone gets to and from school safely.
Safety While At The Bus Stop School bus safety starts before the bus even arrives at the pickup point. Children a “safe zone” that is away from passing traffic to stand in while they are waiting for the bus. While children may be tempted to play tag or other games while waiting, this is not safe, and something that should be reiterated to them regularly.
A family member or trusted adult should wait with younger children at the bus stop until it arrives. If there’s no adult available, make sure children know how to stay aware of their surroundings and not to speak to strangers.
When the bus arrives, children need to wait until it comes to a complete stop before approaching it and getting on. Also, teach children how to check the traffic before boarding.
When getting on the bus, teach a child to get on quietly and hold the rail to avoid slipping. They should then walk quickly to their seat to make sure they are sitting before the bus begins to move again.
If the bus has seat belts, they should buckle theirs to prepare for the ride. Not all buses are equipped with belts; however, it is something many parents, teachers, and drivers are advocating.
Safety While Riding The Bus Think about how hard it would be to concentrate if 40 kids were screaming and laughing while you were trying to drive. Make sure your children know that remaining quiet and calm is a must. It’s also crucial they remain in their seat at all times while the bus is moving.
Remind a child how important it is to talk quietly with others. This is going to help the driver concentrate and keep everyone on the bus safe.
Getting Off The Bus

When it is time to get off the bus at school, or when arriving home at the end of the day, there are rules to keep in mind. Just like getting on the bus, children shouldn’t try to get off until the bus comes to a complete stop. While the bus has a stop arm and flashing lights to let other drivers know kids are getting on or off, it’s still vital that children look for vehicles that may not be abiding by the rules of the road. Teaching a child the safety rules is important. Doing so gives parents peace of mind their child will remain safe while on the bus.

Review These Safety Rules Often

While going over school bus rules with a child is a good start, it helps to reiterate these lessons whenever possible. Some practical ways to do this for children of all ages include the following:
- Introduce them to school bus safety rules
- Practice the rules by playing school bus with them
- Take them on public transportation with you for real bus experience
- Regularly ask them to repeat the rules

“Playing school bus” can be especially useful, as it combines two things that your children treasure — having fun, and spending time with you. By going over the rules with a child regularly, parents can feel confident they are going to know what to do in all situations that may occur on a bus.

It's also recommended to trust a reputable company for a school bus rental around your area. They will likely have the highest standards in safety. In this way, you can ensure that your children will be travelling safely.

Staying Safe On The Bus And Off

With the tips and information here, children can remain safe while riding the bus. This can provide peace of mind for everyone and help the child feel a sense of pride for being able to stay safe when getting on or off the bus.