Friday, May 3, 2019

When Should A Child Start Talking?

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As a baby, we all go through the first experiences with the world which we definitely cannot recollect and try to know from somebody else while growing. The speech we now speak so fluently, the controlled body movements, our reaction to situations, etc. All this which is common to us today was a fascination to the people around us when it had started or about to start.

First word

The most fascinating of all is when the child learns the speech. It is exciting to know the first words of a child. According to the survey, the most common first word a child usually utters is either 'Mumma' or 'dadda'. Before the baby learns to talk he spends a lot of time to observe the speech and way to communicate of the people around. The baby usually starts talking, by talking I mean using proper words, between 18 months to 2 years of age. Since the first two years of the child is where he learns a lot and has a lot of firsts.

Signs of learning to communicate
- The first sign that indicates a baby trying to learn how to talk is:
- Starts to use his tongue
- Purse his lips or open-close in a movement to grasp a word
- Explore his palate
- Using the growing teeth to make sounds.

The surroundings including the people around the baby have a lot to do for his basic development. The baby tries to catch the constant words spoken around him. With age, the baby's brain develops and with it the behavioral pattern, habits are inculcated in them. Once the brain starts to coordinate with what the baby feels is the time when the baby starts to express his feelings in one or two words.

What leads to a proper word from the baby’s mouth?

It is actually a better practice to constantly feed words into baby's mouth regarding different feels. The baby first tries to catch the sound of it and then later in the development stage it learns to enunciate in a manner that is right. When the child reaches the age of two is when he or she can form complete short sentences using 3- 4 words at max. Although, it is a debatable topic to understand the initiation of the kid learning the language it is usually sought after in stages.

Initiation of picking up sound/language

Inside the womb
It is said when the baby is inside the mother's womb since then the baby starts to pick sounds, it usually is capable to pick up the steady heartbeat and just like that it is able to differentiate the mother's tone from the others. The first form of communication from the baby's end after coming out to the real world is his cry.

First forms of communication

The baby tries to communicate with his expressions before words pave their way in. So, crying is the first form of expression whereas what follows is giggling, smiling, sighing etc. The baby's mode of communication can also start from a vague language which we like to call the baby's language.

Parents play a key role to keep a tab on the baby
It is important for parents to keep a tab on the baby developing his communication. Most of the babies should grab the words and start speaking from the 2nd year at the max. Although, there is a case of late talkers which happen due to different reasons. As a parent or guardian, you should constantly try to converse with the child in one language that you would want it to be his first language. Constant pushing of words towards the baby will help him get familiar to it faster until the time comes when he fluently picks them up.

Although, it is also found that one in 6 babies face problems picking how to talk, while the boy's percentage in this is more than the girls. In cases, where you observe a child slow at picking up how to talk, you should get him to a specialist who can help the baby out with it. Such specialist exists and they are trained to work with these kids.

It is better to research the child's growth pattern with its age so that you can keep a tab on the baby. The growing years of a baby are very crucial and thus one should be totally involved to ensure proper growth and development of baby.