Sunday, August 4, 2019

Apps That Do It All

We all love our mobile phones and let’s face it we’d probably be lost without them. After all, it’s rare that you actually use them to make calls but what you do use them for makes life so much more convenient.

From keeping up with your child’s school news to doing the banking while on a train heading to work, there isn’t much you can’t do. But there’s always more to discover and in this blog, we take you through some of the most useful apps that have hit the online stores this year. We’re talking iPhones of course, so if you’ve got a new iPhone X then we’ve got an app for you.
Image from Pexels

Apps That Make you Smarter
We know you’ve got the brains and now you’ve got the app to put them to the test:

Chegg Books - if you’re a student you’ll know just how expensive it can become keeping up with the latest course book list. With this app you can buy, sell and even rent books to help keep your grades up and your costs down.

Duolingo - like Chegg Books, this is another free app that helps you to achieve your goal of speaking another language at a time and pace that suits you. It’s easy to follow and allows you to see your progress as you learn more and more. Set your daily goal and watch as your language attainment reaches new heights.

Wikipedia - you know you need this in your life. Be a clear winner on quiz nights as you read up on any fact you could ever want to know and probably some you won’t.

Apps For Professionals
Whatever profession you find yourself in, there’s bound to be an app that will make your working life that much easier. Here are some of the best:

FastCase - every statute and thousands of detailed cases in your pocket. This app is free but there is the option of a premium service if you’re willing to pay a fee, perfect for when you need some more specialist knowledge for example when you’re a Turley Law Firm Defense Base Act representation, looking for the latest test case.

Talks On Law - this does exactly what you think it does and provides the student with hours of interesting and entertaining content on all things law related. Use the search function to find the talks most relevant to you and absorb knowledge as you go about your daily commute.

Apps That Make You Healthier
There are positively thousands of these apps but not all are created equal in the goal for ultimate health. Take a look at some of the better options.

My Fitness Pal - it’s been around a while and there are good reasons why it’s so popular. Simple to use and great at the free level. There’s little reason to go to premium unless you’re looking at some specific functions. Record your activity and calorie intake and get ideas for recipes and workouts through the interesting blog posts. This free app is great.

Cyclemeter - if you’re a cyclist and need some more structure to your rides, this app will record and map your rides, analyse your data and has other features for cross country skiers, runners and so on. It’s free to start but to unlock all its best features, you’ll have to pay $9.99

Headspace - your mental health is just as important as your physical so finding an app that allows you to concentrate on mindfulness and offers some meditation exercises is a must. It doesn’t come cheap at $12.99 but does mean you’ll be committed to helping reduce the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Apps That Entertain You
Nowadays we are completely spoilt for choice and finding just two apps is next to impossible but nevertheless here are two of the best:

Netflix - just simply the best app for streaming thousands of films and box sets from across all the genres. You’ll need an account to get signed in and then the box set world is your oyster.

Apple TV - no need to go anywhere else if you’ve got an iPhone. You’ll already have the newly named Apple TV on your device and be ready to view the latest series, films and dramas.

Phones stopped being just phones years ago and are our whole world in our pockets. Get loaded up with apps that train, entertain and inspire you. From apps that help you learn new languages to apps that give you the edge in your working life, it’s all there at the touch of a button.