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First Date Tips for Girls

Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to avoid the awkwardness of a first date? There isn't, unfortunately. They're absolutely essential to the whole process of finding someone you’re compatible with, but they don't have to be a necessary evil that you grit your teeth and bear. These seven tips will make your next first date enjoyable whether it’s with the significant other of your dreams or not so much.
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Dress for yourself
It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking into the mirror and imagining yourself through your potential love interest’s point of view. That’s a bad idea though. Be you when you decide how you look. Put on shoes that make you feel comfortable. Maybe they have heels. Maybe they don’t. It all depends on your personality. If you tend to be a casual person, going overboard will end up working against you at the moment your date and you greet each other. If you do want to doll up slightly more for a date, you can always just purchase a nice new top or even consider wearing a pheromones perfume so that you can smell nice for your date. You don’t want to think too much into it and suddenly question having selected the right earrings. Being yourself will keep you cool and collected.

Let fate take over

You might feel so nervous that you begin to unconsciously rehearse how you’ll greet your date and what you’ll say afterwards. You may not be able to resist forecasting every moment that will happen and prep yourself to make a sexy or smart impression. Take it a moment at a time. Chemistry will ultimately decide that you and your date see each other again. Being more talkative than you really are or less so will give a false impression when what you really want is for the person you’re with to enjoy you as you are naturally.

Don’t be mysterious
Giving mixed signals to your first date can be fatal to them contacting you a second time. Let go of old-fashioned thinking that the man should make the first move and control the narrative. A lot of guys need some encouragement. Saying that you like their smile or sense of humor can go a long way. Mentioning that you had fun and hope to see them again soon can be music to your first date’s ears. Speak with sincerity and maybe offer another idea for the next date.

A warm peck on the mouth or face can also eliminate any mystery about your feelings

Avoid long silences
You may not be the biggest talker, but when two people are face to face for the first time, not saying something for an extended period creates a bad kind of suspense. It comes down to being being polite. It’s okay to be reflective and lost in your own head when you’re by yourself but when you’re out on a date with someone you’re just developing a relationship with, the sound of your voice and the eye contact that you make with them can build interest as well as trust.

Don’t assume that your first date is paying the check
If it’s possible to agree on an eatery you’re familiar with or can Google search beforehand, that would be the best outcome. There’s nothing worse than not knowing if you’re going to pay half, whole or none of the bill when your meal ends. Life is expensive and you may not have a budget that allows sudden extravagances. Choosing a restaurant by email or text message before getting together can reduce a lot of anxiety.

Sometimes you end up just winging it and find yourself at a table for two. Make some small talk about prices as well as eating preferences while searching the menu and get a good feel for what your date’s going to have before you decide. They may offer to pay and tell you to feel free choosing anything you like. Maybe they’ll make it clear that they’re just looking to have something light. How your date handles a restaurant meal will tell you a lot about them and vice versa, which is why it can make you nervous, but it’s better to use the time you spend with a first date learning if they’re someone whose companionship you enjoy.

You’re not on a job interview or about to have a tooth pulled. Remind yourself that you’re just socializing. You can ease your nervousness beforehand by going to the gym for a good workout. Do some yoga. Don’t sit around obsessing over the fact that you’re about to meet a possible love interest face to face. Just roll with it. The person you want to continue to see again and again will be someone you can absolutely be yourself with and not have to impress.

Reading each other’s minds isn’t as effective as physical contact. Holding his hand while strolling or putting your arm in his can reduce any uncertainty that you feel good about the time you’re spending with him. There’s nothing taboo anymore about women being affectionate first. Well mannered guys actually prefer it. If there's spark's not there, don't pretend that it is but remain courteous and end the night positively.

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