Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Working With People: Job Ideas For Great Communicators

If you’re great at communicating with other people, it’s important to remember that’s going to be a huge asset in any job that you go into. Communication will be key to your success in almost any field you go into: it isn’t just about how you talk to others, but it’s also about the way that you listen to them so that you understand and communicate well. Here are some job ideas for anyone who’s a great communicator.


Being a great communicator is probably the most important asset for anyone who wants to be a teacher. Being able to break down ideas into manageable chunks and to work out how to explain those ideas to a class of kids is an underrated skill that all teachers manage to perform with relative ease. It’s important to remember that a classroom full of kids isn’t just one homogenous mass: teachers need to be sensitive to the needs of every child in that classroom, from the kid who recently lost a parent to the kid with a recent diagnosis of ADHD to the kid who’s lacking in confidence to the kid whose family is struggling for money. Excellent communicators will be able to figure out how to talk with every member of that class successfully.

Running A Funeral Home

Admittedly, running a funeral home isn’t for everyone, but it’s something that will always be necessary - let’s face it, people will always die, and they will always need funerals. Companies like www.4bsf.com will help with funding if it’s an idea that appeals to you. Being a funeral director means that you need to be incredibly sensitive to the needs of those around you - you’re spending time with them during one of the hardest times of their lives and one of your top priorities will be making sure that that time runs as easily and smoothly as possible. Family dynamics can be complicated and difficult to negotiate, and death often brings out either the best or the worst in people. It’s important, then, for funeral directors to be able to communicate well with people so that their ideas are put across, so that their loved ones are given a good send-off, and so that a difficult time can be made easier.  You can also be involved with certain elements of a funeral, for example, supplying caskets and coffins, as well as funeral flowers.


Being a journalist means that you need to be an extremely skillful written communicator, able to create a story that will hold a reader’s attention in a very specific amount of words. But aside from the writing, there’s a whole other level to journalism in which the importance of communication is even more significant. You need to make sure that you can interview people well, that you create an address book of contacts who you can talk to about new stories, and that you are able to communicate with all of these contacts. A huge part of journalism is about networking, which at its heart is about communication.

Communication is about more than the words you choose - it’s about your tone, your body language, the atmosphere that you create. If you’re good at that, you may just excel at these jobs.