Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Three Interesting Facts About "A Star Is Born"

"A Star Is Born", the smash hit starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, garnered an Academy Award and an Oscar for its music. The film also received numerous nominations for Best Movie, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Lead Role by a Male.  With a domestic Box Office gross of more than $215MM, chances are that you have probably seen the movie or heard the hit song "Shallows". But if that isn't enough for you, here are five other interesting facts about the movie.

1. Live Nation Was One of the Film's Biggest Producers
Live Nation Productions President, Heather Parry, was immediately enamored with the film and wanted to produce it. Live Nation, which is well-known for its ticket sales, concert venues and festival experiences, had already expanded into film production and had success with musically driven films including Gaga's "Five Foot Two". Parry wanted to get involved and knew Live Nation brought a lot to the table for the film including concerts where scenes could be shot and marketing effectively to the film's demographic. Parry won over Bradley Cooper and another film producer and added the film to her already-impressive list of successful films.

2. The Film Was Bradley Cooper's Directorial Debut
Bradley Cooper originally wanted to be a director but didn't have the chance until "A Star Is Born", and he certainly proved his worth. The film was a success and landed both award nominations and wins. But what really drove the success was the seriousness with which he took the role and his intentional casting. Cooper pursued both Lady Gaga and Sam Elliott for their roles. He learned to play both the piano and the guitar in six months, and he also took voice lessons to mimic the sexy, southern twang of Sam Elliott even before Elliott said yes to the role.

3. Lead Single "Shallow" Struck A Chord Along With the Movie
Directing was not the only first for Cooper with this movie. "Shallow" was also his first #1 single on the Billboard Chart. Lady Gaga co-wrote the hit, lead single, which captured part of their dialogue in one of the movie scenes and ensconced the emotion of both the movie and their chemistry. The song topped the charts in more than 12 countries including the U.S.A.'s Billboard charts, and it had more than two billion streams globally.

"A Star Is Born" was one of the most successful films of 2018. From Parry's compulsion to produce to Cooper's directorial debut to the astounding soundtrack, this film was destined for the stars. Video rentals and movie downloads continue to increase. If you haven't seen the film yet, you are missing out.