Friday, September 6, 2019

The 5 Essentials To Achieving Superhost Status On Airbnb

Source - Unsplash Hutomo Abrianto

If you're a savvy property owner, you know all too well the money to be made from renting out your space using extremely popular online marketplace Airbnb. With so many new properties being added to the site daily, you have to stand out to beat the competition. The best way to do that? By achieving widely sought after Superhost status. Here are five essentials to achieving Superhost status on Airbnb:

1. Don't Discount Convenience As A Major Asset

Convenience is often overlooked as part of the Airbnb experience. Being able to arrive when you want without having to worry about meeting the property owner, or reaching a key cafe before closing, makes the start of your trip easier. Utilizing technology like Airbnb integrated Bluetooth smart locks to give your guests instant access to your property, gives them the ultimate convenience. It also sets you up for a fantastic plus point for those all important reviews, of which a massive 80% have to be 5 stars as part of your Superhost criteria. 

2. First Impressions Really Do Count

To achieve Airbnb Superhost status you need to have hosted at least 10 trips as part of the minimum criteria. Part of getting those first all-important bookings is ensuring your property is marketed well, especially when it comes to the listed photographs. 

Experts say that when it comes to selling a house, properties with poor photos sometimes don't even get seen. The same rules apply to Airbnb listings, where it pays to have professional photographs of your home taken, otherwise, potential guests could simply swipe on to the next listing.

3. Excellent Communication Is Key

When it comes to achieving your Airbnb Superhost status, you need to have maintained a 90% response rate or higher. This means you must be on the ball with your notifications and messages to ensure you're in the running for this coveted title. You also need to make sure your responses are speedy too, so your potential customers, which is 60% millennials, don't quickly move on to their second favorite option in your area. 

4. Give A Strong Reason To Review

Unfortunately, 5-star Airbnb reviews only count if at least 50% of your guests have left you a review. This means that hosting an 'OK' property is not enough. You need to give your guests a reason to take the time to rave about your place. A really good way to do that is to focus on how to make your property memorable. A personalized welcome basket, good levels of cleanliness and handy items to borrow like bodyboards are all memorable additions that won't cost much time or money to add to your place.

5. Commit To Your Bookings

A major red flag on Airbnb listings is canceled reservations from hosts. Canceled reservations could not only put off potential guests, but just one canceled confirmed reservation on your account means you're also out of the running for Superhost status. If you're serious about gaining that Superhost crown, be 100% sure you can offer accommodation before clicking confirm on those booking requests. 

If you're serious about achieving Airbnb Superhost status, be ready to put the effort in to enjoy the frills that come with such a title. With the tips above and a strong commitment to going the extra mile for guests, you'll be enjoying the widely sought after Airbnb Superhost stamp on your listings in no time.