Tuesday, September 24, 2019

How To Identify The Best Value For Money Offices For Rent In Hong Kong

Every savvy entrepreneur knows that getting the most out of your finite capital is essential to staying competitive and maximizing profit. While the strategies for cutting costs will differ from industry to industry, one of the standard expenses of most businesses is renting a physical space from which to run your company. Knowing how to get the most value from this expense, then, is essential.

Nowhere is this more the case than in Hong Kong, one of the most expensive cities in the world for residential and commercial real estate. For most businesses looking for an office for rent in the city, the cost can be prohibitive. There are ways, however, of finding great value in office rental spaces in the city.

Let’s look at some of the specific ways to identify the best value for money when looking for an office for rent in Hong Kong.

Look For High-Quality Real Estate
The hustle and bustle of the Hong Kong business world fill the entire city with activity. However, there are some districts and areas of Hong Kong that are more prime than others when it comes to location. Depending on your industry, it can significantly boost your opportunities for growth and success by locating yourself well.

Premium providers of serviced office spaces are keenly aware of the benefit of positioning yourself well in the city. They have established their serviced offices in some of Hong Kong’s most central business and financial districts. Consider the Two International Finance Centre, for example. This highly recognisable structure is located on 8 Finance Street in the heart of Hong Kong. With easy access to the rest of the city, as well as spectacular views, you can leverage the location of your serviced office to effectively manage your meetings and impress new clients.

When considering your budget for rental space, make sure to take the location of your office into account.

Value Through Flexibility
Another important consideration when looking to squeeze out the value from an office rental is to look for flexibility in the arrangement. This is especially true for startups and emerging entrepreneurs who are seeking to make their mark with limited capital.

Look for a premium provider of office space that can offer month by month contracts with only a one-month security deposit. It is also helpful to have the option to upgrade the size of your office through your provider at any time. After all, you never know how quickly your business might take off and expand.

Look For Included Support
Some serviced office providers take themselves seriously and others do not. Those who strive to provide an unparalleled experience for their clients offer support in a variety of ways to ensure that these clients receive a highly valuable service.

Look for a provider of serviced office space that can guarantee a first-class service experience from highly trained professionals. This includes having the option of a dedicated receptionist to field your incoming calls, a bilingual secretary to help your business navigate the linguistic complexities of Hong Kong, and access to IT support when technical difficulties threaten to interfere with your operations.

Naturally, you also need to look for a serviced office provider who includes all the basics in the package as well! This includes things like high-speed internet connections, high-quality office furniture, and access to printing, scanning, and copying machines.

Keep Value For Money In MindRemember that value for money is one of the most important metrics when considering the viability of a new investment. When looking for office space in one of the most expensive cities in the world, you must consider the points above to avoid making unwise business decisions.