Thursday, October 17, 2019

4 of the World’s Most Amazing Fishing Spots

Do you spend every holiday lounging around by the pool with a cocktail by your side, secretly wishing that you were camped out in front of a lake with a fishing rod in your hand instead? Maybe it’s time you put your foot down and inform your other half about just how desperate you’re to go on a fishing holiday.
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Once they relent and give you your wish, you need to set about the task of choosing the very best travel designation possible. To help you make the right decision in this instance, be sure to do your research on the four amazing fishing spots listed below.

Paros, Greece
The Greek island of Paros is a Mecca for keen fishermen and fisherwomen like yourself. In particular, the fishing village of Naoussa, which can be found in the north of the island, is where people from around the world flock to in order to cast their bait; boasting one of Europe’s most impressive harbours, you’ll be sure to make a catch of two when you spend your time fishing here. Throw in the fact that Naoussa is arguably the most beautiful place to be found in Paros — or even in the whole of Greece, for that matter — and everything about booking a trip here becomes that much more appealing.

Fear not, a fishing holiday in this part of the world doesn’t necessarily have to entail camping out in front of the harbor day and night. There are plenty of luxury villas in Paros, each of which being full of amenities that will be sure to make your Greek fishing holiday as comfortable as it can be.

Kola Peninsula, Russia
With snow that falls ten feet deep, reindeer herds in every corner, and dazzling polar lights to be seen overhead — during the wintertime, the Russian Kola Peninsula is a real-life winter wonderland. Once the warm weather sets in, however, this arctic paradise quickly transforms into a fisherman’s dream. Come spring, the Umba River starts flowing and thousands upon thousands of salmon find themselves swimming along it.

Cairns, Australia

If you think you’re up to the challenge of catching the legendary giant black marlin, you need to head to Cairns, Australia. Located on the Great Barrier Reef, this is the perfect place to travel to if you want to put your fishing skills to the test.

Oostduinkerke, Belgium

If you want to try out a unique form of fishing, then you should book a trip to Oostduinkerke, Belgium. Here, you will be able to fish shrimp and prawns like the locals — via horseback. You will ride out into the sea on the back of a sturdy stallion in an attempt to scare the little critters up to the surface. You will then be tasked with catching them from your high vantage point atop of the steed. To ensure that you are up to this arduous task, you should have previous experience in equestrianism.

Take a trip to any of the fishing hotspots listed above, and you’ll be sure to have the holiday of a lifetime.