Thursday, November 21, 2019

Time To Go Outside

You’ve spent hours planning, stripping and decorating your home and that living space is really coming together. The bedrooms look stylish and the bathroom finally has that free-standing tub with the antique claw feet that you’ve always wanted. Time to sit back and relax right? No, absolutely not. You may have improved your interiors exponentially but that exterior is still looking dowdy and dejected and it’s time to focus your attention on this new project.

In this blog we look at some practical ways you can smarten up the outside of your property and bring it up to the same levels as the inside.

The Garage
You thought it was time to start saving for your dream destination? Think again. Your budget is about to go into improving the state of that place that you park your car day after day. You know that garage door is on its last legs and at the very least, it could do with a coat of paint. But how about starting with a garage door repair and making life easier as you leave and return from work every day.

Get it repaired or replaced, the effect it will have on your look is immediate and effective.

When was the last time you had the outside of your windows cleaned? The difference it can make in brightening up a facade is very real. Houses looker cleaner, brighter and well cared for. It also helps that you’ll be letting more sun in through the grime and lightening up your home.

But it’s often the window surrounds that miss out on the clean, so spend some time yourself or hire in a cleaner who will clean your frames and the soffits that they might be able to reach with an extendable brush.

This is something that might take a little more investment but if you own an older property and your brickwork is looking a little the worse for wear then it might be a good time to hire in a company to have your brickwork repointed. This is a wise decision because, not only does it smarten up the look of your home, it also helps protect it.

Image from Pexels: CC0 licence

When your mortar has crumbled away it’s far more susceptible to water seeping in and that can cost a great deal of money to repair if gets into your walls. Removing that crumbling mortar and replacing it with a modern version will help to seal your home from water damage, saving you the cost of repair later down the line.

Your home is your castle, it’s also your design project. Don’t let a grubby exterior let your interiors down. Spend a little time and a little effort cleaning windows and doors, finally getting that garage door repaired or replaced and the brickwork given a thorough makeover.

Then you’ll be on track to have the home of your dreams, impressive inside and out thanks to all the hard work you’ve put into it.