Monday, December 16, 2019

Child Identity Theft is The Fastest Growing Crime in the US

This is a blog post published in partnership with BraVoMark, LLC and Identron.

High school graduation. How quickly time flies by for our children.
Time to head off to college. College Applications as well as student loan applications are mailed in. Good news for your child. They were accepted into the college of their dreams. However, their student loan is declined!  DECLINED!!!! How can this be?

Why would your child not qualify for a college loan?
Unfortunately, sometime over the past 18 years an identity thief was able to get his hands on your child’s social security number and created a synthetic identity.

Creating a synthetic identity is unfortunately very easy to do. In this scenario, an identity thief had created a synthetic identity about 10 years ago and built up their “fake” credit with your child’s social security number and racked up thousands in unpaid debt.

The first thing that needs to be taken care of is to convince the credit card companies (or whoever else the debt is with) that your child is not responsible for the charges that were made with their social security number.

After that is done. The mess needs to be cleaned up with the credit bureaus. Now remember the clock is ticking because the student loan needs to be in place before your child can attend college!
Child identity theft is growing rapidly. ID thieves know that most parents are not checking on their children’s social security numbers before the child needs a loan or credit card when they turn 18.

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Author’s Bio:” Dana Mantilia lives in Connecticut. She is a Mom, wife and business entrepreneur. Dana has earned status as a Certified Identification Protection Advisor from the Identity Management Institute. While researching and educating herself on the increasing risks associated with identity theft, she realized how prevalent child identity theft. After speaking with hundreds of everyday parents Dana recognized a lack of child identity theft awareness. She developed Identity Protection Planning LLC. A company that focuses on educating, organizing and protecting all family members (including minor children) from identity theft. Identity Protection Planning offers IDENTRON identity theft protection plans. “