Saturday, January 11, 2020

5 Simple Changes You Can Make That Will Send Your Self-Esteem Skyrocketing

Image by Vitabello from Pixabay 
Confidence isn’t an innate feeling that everyone has all the time. The word literally means to have faith in something, which is perhaps why so many people have said that the best way to achieve it is to “fake it until you make it.” And it’s true that if you have faith in yourself by putting on a confident act, you can eventually develop genuine self-confidence. Check out the list below for some tips to help you project your best self every time you step out of your front door.

Perfect your smile

Your smile is the first thing most people notice about you, so making it the best it can be with teeth whitening or porcelain veneers will allow you to project an aura of confidence, even if genetics didn’t grant you the best set of teeth. A polished smile will help you present an image that’s clean, polished, and approachable. Before your next job interview or important date, consider having a dental checkup to see how you can upgrade your smile. 


Another simple way to fill up your confidence meter is through daily meditation. This can be in the form of daily affirmations you write to yourself and place around your home or office. Or, you can take a more direct approach and invest in learning deep breathing and manifestation exercises. Using either technique will help you calm your mind and your body as you relax into a meditative state. Once you’ve learned these exercises, you can practice them whenever you’re in a stressful situation or simply in need of some robust energy.

Organize your space

With your mind and body at peace, the next area to look at is your living and working areas. A chaotic environment leads to a chaotic state of mind, whereas an organized space can help calm you down. Reducing stress has been shown to boost self-assurance and encourages positive self-awareness. If you need to get started but are feeling overwhelmed, hire a professional to come and help you. It’s never a bad thing to ask for assistance when you need it.

Project confidence

With this beautiful atmosphere of calm from which to work, you can now focus your attention on learning how to use non-verbal body movements and cues to project confidence. How you stand or sit during meetings has a surprising influence on how others perceive you. For example, placing your hands on your hips is a power move. However, it can also be interpreted as aggressive. Your tone of voice also greatly influences how you are perceived. If you are looking for confidence, make sure you enunciate your words clearly and concisely. If you have trouble remembering what you want to say, write it down. You are more likely to remember something if you have also written it down, and if all else fails, you can refer to your notes.

Absorb inspiring content

Finally, confidence can be found in what you listen to and watch. The content you allow yourself to absorb will have a great impact on how you feel. Studies have found that deep bass music can help raise your heart rate. However, if you are feeling especially stressed, instrumental classical music can help you relax. 

Whatever situation you are in, if you have an air of confidence, you will inspire the same feeling in others. Most people who are perceived as confident are no more or less confident than anyone else. Rather, they have learned to use tools like the ones mentioned above to the best of their ability.