Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Transform Your Car Cleaning Routine

Image Credit: Pexels CC0 Licence 

Keeping your car clean is really important, and not just because a clean car looks good. Cleaning your car regularly can help remove acids that could cause erosion and can show up any signs of paintwork damage quickly before they get worse. Keeping your car clean could also help you get a higher price once you decide to sell. 

But if your cleaning routine currently relies on local kids wanting to make a quick buck, you might need to reconsider. Maintaining your car is one of the best ways to make it last as long as possible. The better the products you use and the more care you take, the better your results will be. 

What Do You Need?

To start with, you’ll need to gather all the things you need. While it might be tempting to use washing up liquid, it’s always best to use soap specifically designed to clean your car for the best results. Using a simple washcloth is the best way to remove lighter dirt but you could also use a brush for more persistent dirt. 

Car wax can be used to give a long-lasting shine to your car and can offer some further protection to the paintwork too. However, if you want to go one further, you might consider ceramic car coating, which offers a showroom finish and means that you don’t have to wax after washing for your car to look like new again. 


Start by rinsing your car with fresh water first. This should dislodge quite a bit of dirt before you get started with a cloth and will also help to remove particles that may cause scratches. Then, when you are ready, you can use a large sponge to start working away any bigger areas of dirt such as bird droppings or dead bugs. Using microfiber cloth will avoid leaving lint behind and you might like to consider using a bug remover product too.  

When you’ve done your best with just water, use a diluted mixture of car wash liquid. Start by washing the roof and then work down the sides of the car. The last thing you clean should be your wheels so that you don’t end up with any dirty drips down the car. 

To clean the windows, you should use a specific glass cleaner as you would in the house. With your microfiber cloth, make sure that you get the whole area and don’t forget to clean your windscreen wipers too. If your windscreen wipers are due to be replaced, this is a good time to install new ones. This is really important if you have had trouble with your wipers recently. 

Don’t forget that the inside of your car deserves some love too. Your vacuum cleaner will be able to tackle most issues once you have removed any rubbish but a dry microfiber cloth will also pick up dust from your dashboard. To get that new car smell, try using a bit of polish on your cloth - particularly if you have wooden interiors. And don’t forget to hang a new scent from your rear-view mirror, just as they do at the car wash!