Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Your Child's Education: How You Can Be Involved

One of the biggest factors in the future of our children is us. We are parents who are raising individuals that will one day be the leaders of the world. That little person who is trying to learn to read is going to one day be the same person inventing new cars and putting their signature on the bottom of law contracts. There will be days where you get frustrated while trying to teach them to tie their shoes, but all the things that you teach them before you even get them into a school is going to carry them through the rest of their lives. 

Parents being involved in the education of their children is one of the biggest reasons that children are successful. When parents switch off, children switch off. They learn by their leader and as their leader, it’s up to you to be involved in what they are learning. Get excited about what they are excited about, and if you do that you’re going to show them that learning is something to love. When you take an active role in the education of your children, you are supporting them both academically and emotionally. School and education is a huge deal for children - you should remember, you were their age once!

Take yourself back to a time where you were at school and think about how you felt when you were in classes. How did you feel about your teachers? Your tests? Your friends and social circle? Education offers pressure to children in a lot of ways, but with the right support, they can get through it. If you want your child to get through school, graduate and go to college, you need to be there every step of the way. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can get stuck into your child’s education.
Photography of People Graduating
Get Reading. A lot of learning that children do comes from their reading. There are plenty of studies out there that show that just a simple bedtime story can improve your child’s vocabulary, general knowledge and their reading skills. When you read to your child, you give them your time, your encouragement and your guidance. Your child also gets a chance to show them their skills that you have had a hand in teaching them. Reading helps them to open their minds and feel curious about the future. It gives them insight into new worlds, and reading can also help in every single school subject. 

Do Homework. You may not remember the lessons on algorithm and logarithm, but that’s where your child comes in! They are going to come home with homework and you get the chance to relearn all over again. You’ll find that many things for your child are taught differently compared to how you were taught, but that doesn't mean that you know how to do it now. However, together, you and your child can learn and experience new ways of doing things. Homework is a bonding experience that you will never forget, and it’s not something that they will ever forget, too.

Encourage Extra Curricular. When you get involved in the education of your child, you’re going to need to encourage them into more activities. There are so many ways that you can encourage this, with activities after school or on websites online. You can get them involved in clubs and classes. Whatever their interests are, you can help them to embrace those activities to encourage them into a better future. There are so many ways you can get involved with your child and extra curricular activities are a route toward that involvement. Each of these activities is going to bring you and your child closer together while ensuring that you maximize their education at the same time. 

Encourage Confidence. Being in a group of children their own age can be intimidating for a child. They see others learning faster or doing things better and their confidence is shot. A big part of you being with them through their education is ensuring that they feel confident enough to concentrate and engage with the learning they have in front of them. Children need to feel confident to be able to focus and feel motivated to learn, and you have a big hand in that. Your encouragement and your support gives them the confidence that they need to be able to take their education in their own hands and win every single time.
Girls on Desk Looking at Notebook
Introduce Daily Learning. From brushing teeth to cooking breakfast, you can make activities educational and fun. You can teach your child how to cook and when they’re learning that, they can learn to weigh and measure ingredients, to portion meals. They can learn the nutrition behind the food that they’re cooking and you can talk them through how the body digests it. You can bring learning into every single activity that you do, and you can watch their eyes light up in sheer discovery.

Show Them You Love To Learn. Children are led by example. If you want your child to love learning, you can show them that you love it, too. Show them your favorite topics and how you love to learn new things. Show them places and artworks that make you happy and let them see the same light in your eyes as you see in theirs. You’re going to show them that education is going to change them in the same way that it one day changed you. Your love of learning is going to change their life - and the more that you show them, the more they will love to learn, too.

Do It Together. Most of the people that come out of school with tortured stories do so because they feel like they’re in it alone. They get through school on their own merit, but they always wondered whether they could have done more and achieved more with their lives in school. You don't have to let your child feel that way. You and them can learn together, even when you don’t know all the answers, you can work them out together. Finding the resources that you need for the right answers and showing them how to do it? It means that math is no longer going to be a source of frustration - for either of you!

Bring Learning Home. If you don’t have somewhere for your child to do their homework, it’s time to set that up today. Fill your house with creative supplies to achieve more in their education. Give them a chance to explore, discover, try, test and read. This doesn't have to be great, educational tomes of books. Think games and guessing. Think fun and experimenting. Think practical and audio. All of these ways that your child learns can be embraced in the home and make you feel fantastic to know that you are supporting them. Whether your child learns best by doing, listening or reading, you can be there to help them grow in their learning. You are the driving force behind their motivation and becoming involved in their education will take your time and your commitment. Both of which you should be happy to give your child at any time, but especially when it comes to their education. 

Plan to be involved in the education of your child, and you will never find them feeling alone in their learning ever again. Awesome parents give their children hope; your help will do that!