Thursday, February 13, 2020

A Learning Curve: Making Time To Study As A Busy Parent

We can all feel that temptation to go back to school later in life. When our children have become more self-sufficient or we are trying to find a little bit more meaning to life going back to education can mean that we could find a whole new job or even get our first job for many, many years! But with going back to the fore we must become very aware of the learning curve. It's not as straightforward as sliding back into your old mindset. And what's more, studying can be incredibly difficult! So with this in mind what can you do to make sure that you find the time to study but also get the most of your education?

Looking At How You Study
The great thing now is that there are so many different courses you can do online you don't need to set foot into a class! There are various accredited online MBA schoolsthat you can attend without needing to leave your home! Online learning is one of the best ways to make the most of your busy life. Studying online gives you such freedom without attending typical classes giving you the freedom to structure your life the way you want. Of course, if you're studying online, you will want to make sure you have high-speed and reliable internet like the kind found with starlink internet plans, to ensure you can access your course whenever you require. 

Coping With The Demands Of Parenthood
Studying for a course can be incredibly demanding. If you find that it impacts your life or there's not enough time to put the necessary hours in, it's now your chance to structure it accordingly. Creating a study plan gives you a foundation to hang everything upon. Once you are into the swing of things you can structure your week accordingly. Once you learn to balance parenthood and studying efficiently you will be able to make the most of any downtime. But you have to remember that you shouldn't compromise the happiness of your children. This is why it's so important to structure your week. You know when the children go to school and when there's natural downtime in the evenings. It could benefit you to break up the task into chunks. Once you understand how many hours you need to dedicate per week you can then divide this by the number of evenings you have free. So for example, if you have 2 hours of studying to do per week and only 5 days to do it in, this equates to 24 minutes every evening.

Figuring Out Different Ways Of Learning
As we start to get into the swing of studying and attending courses we've got to remember that there can be things that get in the way. As such, we have got to figure out working smarter rather than working harder. It can be worth looking at mock exams as a way of testing what you have learnt whilst studying; working through an online practice test can help to familiarize you with the exam format and to test your knowledge. Sometimes that idea of studying can be such a behemoth that it overwhelms us. But perhaps you're not learning in a style that suits you? Figuring out your learning style is crucial early on. Because if you are an auditory learner rather than a visual this can help you to craft study materials for your needs.

As busy parents, we can struggle with all of the pressures upon us. Studying certainly adds to it but there are ways for you to make the most of this learning curve.