Tuesday, May 5, 2020

4 Great Activities To Do With The Kids This Easter

Photo by @nate072107 on Unsplash

Easter is a beautiful time to rejoice and celebrate life with those who are nearest and dearest to you. For anyone with a sweet-tooth and families with small children - even those who do not observe the religious aspect, it can be a scary, long period of chocolatey temptation! This year, don’t let your Easter be ruled by a sugar rush (from you or your kids), instead, try preparing some fun activities for the big day. Here are five family-friendly ways you can spend your Easter:

1. Create A Family Cooking Team 

There are many sugar-loaded games to choose from but if you want to do something different, perhaps even healthy, why not involve the kids in preparing your Easter meal? 
You can make a day of it. Get the kids to come up with menu ideas for an entree, main, and dessert. Then, on the day, they reveal their choices, and together you can prep and create the meal while teaching your kids about shopping, using the right cookware safely, cooking methods, setting a table, serving, and cleaning up. Give them the creative freedom of decorating the dining space so they can set the festive ambiance. 
While it may all feel like a game to a child, it’s a great opportunity for them to learn some valuable skills and appreciate the work that goes into preparing their favorite meals and hosting an event. They might even surprise you with the outcomes.

2. A Surprise Easter Egg Hunt

Spice up the timeless, classic Easter game with the element of surprise. There are a few ways you can do this. One is to set up the house while your little ones are asleep. Let them know about their hunting mission first thing in the morning. Alternatively, you could spring the idea on them by having the Easter bunny (a costumed member of the household) drop in for a surprise visit to let them know in person. If 2020 means your household is a little smaller this festive season, it could even be a video call from the bunny.

3. Send Out Family-Branded Easter Baskets 

Set aside a crafternoon to create customized gift baskets for family members and friends that you will not be seeing in person this Easter. Let your kids think outside-the-box when thinking up gift ideas, it doesn’t need to be all chocolates and biscuits. Maybe they want to make storybooks, bunny-masks, or other artwork, or maybe they’d like to include items that remind them of their family members, for example, a snack or drink their grandparents like to have at the dinner table. You could take it an extra step further this year to have your gifts branded with your family name, or, the kids could make up a logo and personal message to print on the basket and gifts. This is one fun activity that will leave everyone in your family feeling included at Easter, even if you are celebrating apart from some members.

4. Easter Egg Olympics 

Why settle for just one or two egg-themed games when you can hold a grand, spectacular Easter Egg Olympics just for your family? Like all of the above activities, inclusion is key. Put the kids on ‘Easter Olympic decorating duty’ to design their activity space with things like posters, drawings, and balloons. You can include as many classic Easter games as you wish:
Egg and spoon race
Egg toss
Egg bowling
Egg cracking
Egg painting 

This is a great way to keep the family active and occupied for the day and leave the chocolate-eating until last - as the reward! 

No matter which of the above activities you choose, remember to practice gratitude because, at the end of the day, the greatest gift of all is being able to spend the holiday with your loved ones.