Friday, May 22, 2020

Keep Your Quad Bike Safe With These Tips

This article is published in partnership with Mediabuzzer.

By all accounts, we are in uncertain times. With the world on lockdown in a global pandemic and people either losing their jobs entirely or forced to stay home and miss weeks of work, crime is on the rise. Historically when people don’t have the means to feed themselves or their families they get desperate. Desperation in turn can develop into crime. Since quad bikes are so highly portable and have many small parts that can be stolen, you can be targeted. Here are some ways to keep your quad bike safe.
Photo: Pixabay

Tracking Technology
We live in a rapidly evolving technological age. This comes with many benefits including constantly upgraded and re-upgraded gadgets and apps. After all, the CPU in your smartphone is far more advanced than the computer that took humans to the moon. 

Opportunities such as road legal quad bike finance from Quadbikes R Us has allowed quad enthusiasts such as yourself to own the vehicle they want. You want to ensure that your quad is kept safe from thieves. One of the surest ways to make sure your quad can be recovered, and recovered fast, in the event of theft, is by inserting a GPS tracker in it. It sounds like some straight James Bond stuff, but you can hop online and buy a personal GPS tracker for under £30. They are small and easy to hide, so put it in a place where it won't be seen and then you can track your quad through an app on your phone. Another added benefit of this is safety. If your kids take out the quad and have been gone for what seems like too long, get on your phone and see where they are. This could help avert a major emergency if they have gotten into trouble. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
One of the best ways to keep your quad bike safe in these uncertain times is good old fashioned hide and seek. Make sure to place your quad well out of the line of sight in a secure location. What a potential thief can’t see, they likely won’t devise a plan to steal. Having expensive equipment or machines in the line of sight increases the risk of being a victim of theft.

Immobiliser Technology
Another surefire way to put off a thief is installing an immobiliser on your quad. It certainly makes a bike a lot harder to steal if the thief can’t start it. Law enforcement reports a significant decrease in the number of quad bikes stolen if they are fitted with a proper immobiliser. Most criminals are after the fastest, easiest way to make quick money. So when they hop on and try to start your bike and are unsuccessful, they are more likely to leave it behind. You can find an immobiliser at most shops.   

Personal Markings
One of the most fun parts of having your own quad bike is being able to make it unique. Adding decals and other markings that add the cool factor to your quad can also be a major theft deterrent. The more unique your machine is, the less likely it will be stolen. This is mainly due to the fact that a bike with markings on it is a big red flag to criminals. 

In most cases if a thief is stealing your bike it’s because they want to “fence” or sell it as quickly as possible. So they will be more likely to target a quad that is as close to factory original as possible to increase the likelihood of a quick sale.