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Can Your Dog Survive Without a Flea Treatment?

If you are a dog owner and want to know how flea treatment works, read on. This article will explain how fleas get into your pet's body in the first place and also how to find out whether your dog needs to be treated with a topical flea and tick treatment.
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Fleas first invade your pet when he or she is very young. There are many stages of life when your dog is vulnerable to getting bitten by a flea. One of the earliest stages that you need to take note of is when your dog is still very young.
During the very first few weeks after his or her birth, your dog may not have any allergies. At this stage, your dog would also be unable to tell the difference between being bit by a flea and a common housefly. As a result, these two things can cause your dog to be infected with a flea bite. In fact, most dogs who are infested with fleas have no memory of being bit.
Fleas generally attach themselves to the skin. They will later do this again until they find a spot that is convenient for them to live on.
The secret to effectively treating your dog is to determine what type of flea is making its way into your dog's body. With the help of a good dog flea and tick treatment, it is now possible to find out this information and prevent your dog from being a victim of fleas.
Fleas come in two different categories. Those that live in the warmest parts of the world and those that reside in the coldest parts of the world.
All pets that live in the colder regions of the world are considered to be cold-blooded. Cold-blooded pets are much more susceptible to being infested by ticks and fleas than those who are considered to be warm-blooded. Because of this, your dog is more likely to become infested with fleas if he or she is warm-blooded.
Dogs that are considered to be warm-blooded animals and are caught off guard by tick bites are considered to be "pregnant". This means that these animals are likely to get fleas as well because they are usually very active at this time of year.
Fleas have no trouble finding their way into a pregnant female because the animal will be very active as she will be carrying her kittens. She will be very vulnerable to any ticks that come around. For a good pet flea and tick treatment, you need to find out whether your dog is pregnancy-prone.
You can determine whether your dog is not pregnant by observing how he or she eats, walks, and behaves. Normally, your dog will usually lose weight as she is pregnant and this could be a sign that she is in a heightened state of hormones.
If you observe that your dog is carrying kittens and it is a cat that is the mother, your dog is considered to be cold-blooded. A hot-blooded dog will be more likely to get fleas. A good example of a cold-blooded dog is a Chihuahua.
Once you know how flea treatment works for your dog, you will be able to take control of his or her health. Once you catch and eliminate the infestation of fleas, you will be better equipped to keep your dog healthy and free from fleas and other parasites.

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