Thursday, June 4, 2020

How to Make THC Vape Juice

Every once in a while, there is a revolution in the market for every product, and these days it is the new homemade THC for the vape enthusiasts around the globe. You can make THC vape juice yourself and it has some critical advantages over traditional smokes, but due to its legality issues, it may be a bit difficult for some people to get it to work. E-cigs are getting more popular among youngsters day after day. THC juice is not just about the natural flavor and kick but also about getting rid of one’s nicotine habit. Especially when you choose the most potent product from the list of reviewed THC tintures, you can create something that you will enjoy time and time again. After experimenting with different products to include, the recipe has been changed a lot. Enthusiasts out there are curious whether making this juice in their place is safe and easy. If you do some research on things like how to use vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol and diluting terpenes, before closely following our guide, you can prepare a pure THC juice in your apartment kitchen! 
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The number of ways for making your THC Vape juice is as follows. 
1. Based on time
It is not a common method among youngsters because it takes months to shape the cannabis into a vape juice. 
You require.
Aluminum Foil
Rice Press
Stirring tool
Cannabis Flowers 7grams approx. with 85ml of liquid
Edible Vegetable Glycerin
A mixture of propylene glycol

1. Turn on your oven and set its temperature to 121oC.
2. In a baking tray, evenly grind cannabis leaves and lay them smoothly on the tray. 
3. Now envelop the baking dish with aluminum foil and place it in the preheated oven.
4. Now mix 40% of propylene glycol with 50% of vegetable glycerin in a beaker 
5. Heat the tray of cannabis for 45minutes straight.
6.After heating, let the buds of cannabis cool down. Take out the mixture of Propylene 7. Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin in a pot and properly stir it.
8. Close the jar and store it for three months.
9. After three months, reopen the jar and stir it.
 10. Now squeeze the mixture with the help of press and paper until all the juice is taken out of cannabis, leaving you with an excellent sauce of THC.
11. Fill the bottles of your e-cigs and enjoy the experience.

2. Fast Method
It’s the same as the first method, but in this, heat is added to fasten things up. 
You will need
Baking tray
Baking Oven
Aluminum Foil
Rice Press
Stirring tool
Double boiler
Cannabis Flowers 7grams approx. with 85ml of liquid
Edible Vegetable Glycerin
Propylene Glycol Mix

1. Turn on your oven and set its temperature to 121oC.
2. Evenly grind cannabis leaves.
3. Now, layout the grinded leaves into the baking tray.
4. Once it is done, put the tray inside the preheated oven with aluminum enveloped on it.
5. Now mix 40% of propylene glycol with 50% of vegetable glycerin in a beaker.
6. Use a double boiler and discharge water into it until it reaches 1 inch. The temperature range for discharging is 100 -105oC.
7. Put the prepared extract in the boiler at 88oC. 
8. Keep the temperature constant for at least an hour. 
9. Take another glass jar and place the press over it. Also, add a few layers of cheesecloth.
10. Squeeze the mixture with glass press until there is no juice left in the buds.
11. You are left with some excellent vape juice. Enjoy

3. Rosin Extract
In case you were not already aware, weed rosin is an extract made by using heat and pressure - furthermore, this particular cannabis product is extremely versatile, as you can make rosin at home with just a few household items.

The following things are required.
Natural terpenes
Stirring tool
Pyrex Glass
Flowers of Cannabis 
Parchment Paper

1. Make a bundle from the flowers of cannabis in such a way that it fits in the clamps of the press.
2. Prepare the press and put the bundle inside the clamps of the press. The heat between a temperature range of 120-140oC and using a thermometer cross-check the values.
3. Place the heated subject onto parchment paper and fold it. Now squeeze as much as you can for at least 5minutes and then let it cool down.
4. Until unless you get 0.5 grams of rosin, keep repeating the previous step again and again.
5. Now take the rosin and put it inside the pyrex glass. Then add some terpenes into it.
6. Remember, 1milliliter of Terpene for 0.5 grams of Rosin.
7. Now take a pan, add half an inch level water and heat the water, and put the pyrex glass inside.
8. Keep stirring the prepared mixture until it's dissolved completely.
9. A golden-colored mixture is left behind, which can be transferred into your e-cig.
10. Vape and enjoy your homemade THC pure juice.


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