Friday, June 19, 2020

A Guide To Moving A Grand Piano Into An Apartment

A grand piano is a superb musical instrument that is also a main feature in any setting and moving one demands specialist attention. This can be considered a major project and one that requires a lot of forethought and planning – you do not want to be halfway through the moving process, only to discover that the piano will not fit through an opening. Here are a few tips if you are planning to relocate your grand piano into your new apartment.

The Safe Method

If you don’t want to risk damaging such a valuable item as a grand piano, you should call removalists Gold Coast homeowners rely on, as they have a wealth of experience in moving huge items like grand pianos. They are also fully insured, which is important.

Piano Dolly

This is a device specifically for moving pianos, which is a wheeled platform that can take the enormous weight. Take note that you would have to remove the piano legs first in order to be able to place the piano centrally, which is necessary to move the item.

Checking the Dimensions

This is critical, as when looking at new apartments or studio rentals you must measure every doorway and space to ensure that the piano will, in fact, fit into the space. It might be that the relocation is not possible without removing doors, and should this be the case, you should not attempt the move, but rather call in an expert.

Balancing the Weight

When placing a grand piano onto the piano dolly, don’t place the piano according to its shape. Rather, position it with the weight centrally located which will not look balanced due to the odd kidney shape off the instrument.

Lifting the Unit 

When you are ready to lift the piano onto the dolly, you will need to have at least 4 people to ensure that the unit is lifted in unison. If all this seems a little challenging, why not let the professionals handle the relocation? Any experienced removalist would know what is required. They would also carry out an on-site inspection to gauge the difficulty of such a project, as only then can they decide whether or not the move is possible. All it takes is one awkward staircase to make the relocation a major issue that would require the instrument to be dismantled, and that would require expert help.

You will have to decide exactly where the piano will be placed. Make sure to prepare special rubber pads for the floor. The corners of the piano must be protected (bubble wrap and masking tape is ideal) prior to the move. The music stand should also be removed.

In many cases, the piano has to be dismantled to a degree in order to make it fit through doorways, and if this is necessary, you should not attempt to do this yourself, as it is very easy to damage the delicate mechanism. 

With such a valuable item, it is recommended that you consult an expert removalist as this will ensure that no damage is caused, to either the piano or the apartment.

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