Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Are Car Covers Good for Your Engine?

You probably already know that car covers are good for protecting the paint job and interior of your vehicle. However, you may wonder whether it can help to protect other aspects of your vehicle. Perhaps most significantly, especially for classic and antique cars, you are likely concerned about the engine and other key mechanical components.
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Does a Cover Protect the Engine?
The short answer is that, yes, a cover can help to protect the engine. Although vehicle engines are designed to be able to get a little wet and dirty without running into any issues, allowing dirt and debris to build up and sit can cause damage to the engine. Whenever you are storing a vehicle, it is best to protect it as much as possible from the elements.
Of course, if you are storing the vehicle inside with good quality garage flooring, a cover is going to do relatively little to protect the power train. However, if you need to store it outdoors or otherwise think that your vehicle may fall victim to a lot of dirt, a cover is a great way to protect the engine (you should use at least a dust cover even when storing indoors).
What Else Can You Do To Protect Your Vehicle?
It is a good idea to prepare your vehicle before storing it. A cover can do a lot but will not offer total protection for a poorly prepped car.
For example, you likely want to get your vehicle up on some jacks or car ramps to change the oil and filter before storage. Changing the fluids is a good way to make sure your vehicle is stored with a relatively clean inside.
In a similar vein, you should always store your vehicle with a full fuel tank. This may be z slightly counter intuitive idea but having a full tank can help to minimize rust and corrosion from moisture and air in the fuel system. Plus, it is a good idea to add a fuel stabilizer or corrosion inhibitor. Most fuel at the pump is only rated for three months of use. Using the additive will help to protect your engine. Make sure to drive it briefly after adding the additive.
Finally, disconnect the battery and remove the battery before putting on the cover. Remember to place the battery in a battery box, don’t leave it directly on the concrete floor. While most modern batteries can be left on the floor without issue, there is no reason to risk it. Older batteries will cause damage to the floor and themselves.
It may be a good idea to plug the tailpipe if you are concerned about any pests getting in. Finally, if you have an especially low vehicle, you may have trouble with a normal jack or ramps. Consider a low profile billet aluminum jack in these cases.
Get Ready to Store Your Vehicle
With the right equipment and preparation, you can protect your car paint and engine while storing it. Just follow the above tips and make sure to invest in a high-quality cover.

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