Friday, August 14, 2020

4 Creative Ways to Save Money

 Finding ways to reduce your costs will help you save more each month. This means that you will have extra money to spend on big purchases or fun activities like family vacations. Small lifestyle changes can have a big impact on your bank balance and save you significant amounts of money each month. To give you some ideas, here are four creative ways to save money and boost your savings. 

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1. Do a no-spend challenge

A no-spend challenge is where you commit to not spending money on certain items for a specified amount of time. During the no-spend challenge, you can only spend money on essential items such as rent, mortgage repayments, utility bills, basic groceries, and so on. This means that you can’t spend any money on clothing, socializing, or going for meals out, etc. 

According to, completing a no-spend challenge can be an excellent way to boost your savings or clear outstanding debt. Many people complete a no-spend month, but you can also start with a no-spend week to get used to the new restrictions on spending. Overall, completing a period of only spending money on essential items can be an effective way to improve your finances. Make sure that you put any money saved from the challenge directly into a savings account to prevent you from spending it later on. 

2. Buy second-hand clothes

Thrift shops are full of quality clothing pieces for a fraction of the price of popular clothing stores. Choosing to shop at thrift stores will make your clothing budget go further. Plus, you may be able to find unique, one-of-a-kind clothing items that will help you create a distinct style. Another great benefit of buying second-hand clothes is that it is far more environmentally-friendly. Purchasing your clothes from thrift stores helps to minimize pollution and reduce the waste associated with fast fashion. There is a great selection of articles and blog posts offering advice on how to find the best clothing items in thrift stores

3. Sign up for subscriptions 

Signing up for subscriptions can be an effective way to save money if you buy certain items regularly. For instance, if you purchase new perfume and colognes regularly then signing up for a subscription box from will allow you to enjoy new fragrances while keeping your spending to a minimum. Having a monthly subscription cost will also make it easier for you to monitor your spending and manage your budget and finances more efficiently. Other popular subscriptions that could save you money include food hampers, cosmetic boxes, and book subscriptions. 

4. Grow fruit and vegetables 

Growing fruit and vegetables in your garden is another simple way to save money and become more environmentally-friendly. You will be able to cook with your home-grown produce which should reduce your average grocery bills. Growing fruit and vegetables at home will also mean that your family has access to fresh and nutritious ingredients. Many people get great satisfaction from preparing healthy meals with home-grown produce. You can put the money saved on your groceries straight into a savings account.