Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Advice For Car Crash Victims


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Car accident lawyer services are still as relevant as ever. Even despite the downward trend in fatalities and injuries suffered on the roads, the stats tell us that road safety isn't anywhere near where it needs to be. Despite advancements in safety and awareness, there are still many fatalities occurring.

What seems true is that car accident claims will continue to number highly. In terms of minor injuries, many of those will be suffering from neck and back injuries – with whiplash and lower back pain being very common reasons for injury claims being made through car accident lawyers.

So as you can see, road traffic accidents remain a major problem. As such, thousands of these casualties will be entitled to make compensation claims for an injury received from these accidents. The likes of Gibson Hill Personal Injury can help you with the legal side of things.

Road traffic accident claims number in their thousands, but not all claims are successful. A number of factors can affect your chances of winning your compensation claim. While several of these factors are out of your control and relate to the circumstances of the accident you were involved in, some relate to the amount of detail you can gather on your accident and your choice of legal counsel. In this short guide, we detail some of the main factors that contribute to successful claims when it comes to road traffic accidents.

Let's start with the details required. You'll need the time, date, and location of the accident. It's very important to note down any details of the accident that you can remember as soon as possible after the event. We can often fool ourselves into believing that our memories of an event are crystal-clear, but passing time means details become hazy. You should also note down details of any injuries you received in the road traffic accident (RTA), as well as any medical treatment that was required. This is just some of the information that any good lawyer will seek out when hired to handle motor vehicle accident claims  – irrespective of what sort of accident has happened.

Secondly, witnesses matter. If you were driving, then passengers in your vehicle can also be witnesses. However, your claim will be strengthened with the accounts of independent witnesses. By 'independent', we mean those not directly involved in the accident, but who did see it happen, such as other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians. If you don't have details of any independent witnesses, don't worry: you have three years in which to file an RTA claim. This gives you time to try and track down witnesses. 

There's one more important factor when it comes to making compensation claims for road traffic accidents – your choice of legal counsel. A good lawyer will not only help you make a successful claim but will put your needs first. Take the time to consider all of your options carefully so you can select the best choice for your case.