Friday, December 11, 2020

Five Things To Teach Your Young Adults

 As your children grow up it’s important you prepare them for the adult world so that when they do reach that age, they are prepared and make fewer mistakes than they would have. Their school will teach them alot but there are a few things that sometimes go amiss like teaching them to be independent or interview skills. Below are five things to teach your young adult before they become an adult. 

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How To Drive 

Driving is one of those skills that once you have learned it, you never need to learn again. Unfortunately, due to this, the cost of driving lessons is increasing every year meaning the sooner you learn the cheaper the overall costs will be. Learning to drive at a young age not only helps your child to mature, but also offers them freedom and to be able to get to a place they may not have been able to before. Unfortunately, the negative to driving at a young age is the cost of buying a car and insuring it. Insurance for young people is expensive which is why getting an insurance doctor to find you the best policy will help.

How To Be Independent 

Part of growing up means being independent. Independence can be scary as a teenager as you are so used to having your parents there to support you as you grow up. By helping them become more independent, you will help them with their journey to being adult. They will feel more comfortable in certain situations and make more mature decisions when required. Things like giving them an allowance with they can spend on what they want, giving them certain responsibilities, or making their own decisions at times (As long a the consequence isn’t that bad). All these things will help your children grow up and learn along the way. 

How Money Works 

It was touched on above but one thing that is important to make your younger and older children understand is money. As they say, money doesn’t grow on trees. Understanding how to budget is extremely important as when they move out, that is what they are going to have to do. Why not go through your monthly bills and show them the cost of running the house so they understand. Give them a monthly budget which they can spend on fun so they get used to budgeting and give them a budget to do your monthly shop so they get used to that. Sometimes its the case of making them aware of something as alot of these things children don’t notice until they have to do it themselves. 

Interview Skills 

Being good at being interviewed is an important skill to have and one that isn’t really taught at schools. As they get older, they are more likely to want to go out and work on a Saturday to earn a little extra money. More likely than not, this will require them to write a CV and to go to an interview if a potential employee is interested in them. Teach them about the interview process, questions they may get asked and what to do in a high pressured situation. Why not do a mock interview with them, asking them questions you think they would get asked for the jobs they would like to apply for. Make it fun and not too serious as you don’t want them stressing too much when they do get a job interview. 

Health-Related Appointments 

You have probably been the one to organise a doctors appointment, drive them to the dentist or take them to other health-related appointments. It is important for them to understand that it is not down to you to always organise these and that they should take some responsibility to do it themselves. By getting them to do it, it gives them the practice of being on the phone and booking them in. It also shows them it’s important that they think about these on their own record as fundamentally, they will have to do it when they move out otherwise it won’t get done. 

There is so much to learn as a child to get you ready to be an adult. Above are just five things to think about, but there are so much more like mortgages, how they work, and things like the DIY of the house. What life lessons have you taught your children? Is there anything you think is particularly useful? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you. 

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