Monday, January 11, 2021

5 Effective Oral Health Tips For Your Kids

 We all know just how important it is to adopt good oral hygiene practices and the sooner we can teach our children the importance of daily brushing and flossing, the better. Children are very easy to teach, as their young minds are able to absorb things and form habits, and here are some great tips to help you shape your child’s oral hygiene practices.

  1. Lead By Example - If you adopt a good oral hygiene regime, your kids will notice this; kids pay more attention to what adults do than what they say, plus leading by example means you will have healthy teeth and gums.

  1. Monitor Your Child’s Diet - Every parent should watch what their kids eat and drink; excess sugar will certainly result in tooth decay, so avoid giving kids soda drinks. If you buy a blender, you can introduce your kids to fruit smoothies, using exotic seasonal fruits wherever possible. If your child is not allowed to develop a sweet tooth, they will thank you in later life, as their health would greatly benefit from a low-sugar diet.

  1. Communal Brushing - If you make a point of creating a routine where the whole family brushes and flosses together, which allows you to correctly demonstrate the best way to brush and floss. Ask any paediatric dentist in Sydney and they will confirm that family participation is the best way to equip children to have good oral hygiene habits. The experts recommend that you brush your children’s teeth until they are aged 7-8, after that, they can brush under supervision.

  1. Choosing A Toothbrush And Toothpaste - If you acquire 3-4 suitable toothbrushes and a couple of brands of toothpaste, then you can ask your son or daughter to choose. Colour and design can make all the difference and if you give your child ownership, they will respond in a positive manner. You should also introduce antiseptic mouthwash to your kids and encourage them to swill with mouthwash after consuming snacks.

  1. Online Resources - There are websites with animations and activities that educate kids about the importance of oral hygiene, and you should always have an upbeat attitude towards maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Why not make brushing and flossing fun? The one person who can really help your child to understand the importance of brushing and flossing is the family dentist, who would be trained to engage young children in practicing good oral hygiene. If you search online for a paediatric dental clinic near you, you can check out a few websites and make a family appointment.  

It is important to find a dentist who is child-friendly and if you are doing what you can to make brushing and flossing fun, your kids will grow up with good oral hygiene practices. Make sure that your kids see their dentist every few months, as when we are young, our teeth can easily grow in a crooked way and regular examinations by the dentist will ensure any issues are dealt with promptly.