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Gifts That Keep On Giving - 5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For The Students In Your Life


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Getting the right present for a teenager is always a challenge. They’re facing their final exams while also being on the cusp of adulthood, so you have to avoid things that are too childish as well as things that are too ‘old.’ Whether it’s your child, niece or nephew, or someone close to you, here are five gift ideas that will help them in these major years of schooling:

1. Pay for Online Tutoring 

Having a dedicated tutor is a major benefit to any student, but not everyone can afford this luxury. Paying for some online tutoring sessions is a thoughtful and useful gift idea, no matter what the student’s subject selection. Online tutoring means a student can rely on their tutor to be there for them one-on-one, even in the case of a lockdown. If the child already has some tutoring organized, covering a few weeks’ of lessons is still worthwhile – a whole school year of tutoring is expensive, so you’ll be saving them a good amount of cash. 

2. Noise-Canceling Headphones

If this is your child or a close relative, and you know they’re using the same old headphones they’ve had for years, then this gift could make their day! Noise-canceling headphones are great for numerous reasons. They can be used during online tutoring or video classes, for listening to audio study materials without distraction, and of course, to enjoy music or podcasts during their free time. If you’re going all out, you could even consider Bluetooth headphones. However, any good pair that features a noise-canceling feature will make a huge difference! 

3.  A Pool and Spa Voucher 

A lot of students feel immense stress and pressure during their final school years. Just as adults love taking time to go to a spa to refresh during a busy work period, a student would also love the opportunity to feel energized and pampered. This is especially true during busy study periods where they may be spending days at a time prepping for assessments. Depending on what they are into, a pool, spa, or massage voucher can be a great way for your student to take some time for themselves and let go of some of that exam stress. 

4. Really Cosy Pyjamas or Bedding

Sleep is important on many levels for students. For one, teenagers are still growing, and their recommended sleep intake is 8-10 hours. Getting a healthy amount of sleep helps with cognitive functions, like retaining new knowledge and forming memories. It is also vital for maintaining good mental and physical health and reducing stress. So, encourage your teenager to look forward to sleep with some really comfortable silk pajamas, a weighted blanket, or a wonderfully supportive pillow. 

5.  Cash or a Gift Voucher

Sometimes the best gift for a fussy teen (and for you as a gift-giver) is the gift of choice. While some students are able to go through their final years of high school and keep up with part-time jobs, it’s likely that they will go through periods where they will cut their shifts or reduce their hours. A lot of students aren’t able to work at all during their final exams or have limited savings. Give them some cash so they can worry less about their income and treat themselves to whatever they feel like. 

Whichever gift you choose, the student in your life is sure to be grateful that you are thinking of them and the big years they have ahead!

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