Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Moving To Malaysia? Here’s One Thing You Need To Know

The entire South Asian region has really become a popular destination for families to move to. People from all over the world are journeying there, but why? Most people point to thriving economies, excellent tourism, and a happy way of life as the main reasons for this. Indeed, all of these things are present in Malaysia, which is why you might be thinking of moving there. 

Typically, you only think about moving somewhere after you've been there before. Perhaps you enjoyed a family holiday in Malaysia for a week or two - or maybe you spent months there backpacking? For whatever reason, it stuck in your mind, and you want to go back and never leave! Before you make a decision, you must be aware of specific things relating to living in Malaysia. Aside from any laws you need to get used to, you must be aware of what it's like to buy or rent a house in this country. 

Specifically, you have to learn about Malaysian land titles. Properties are bought on land that is owned by different people or organizations. You'll be able to see all of the various land titles in the following infographic by PropertyGuru. It does an excellent job of explaining each one, pointing out the pros and cons. You will soon understand which land titles to avoid, and which ones are better for you to look at. In turn, this can help you and your family move into a new home with limited stress. 

Find all the information you need, down below:

Infographic designed by: PropertyGuru