Thursday, April 15, 2021

Making Peace With A Rowdy Horse- 5 Tricks That Work

 If you are a horse lover, you are likely to encounter rowdy equines through your riding years. A horse may be aggressive by temperament, due to illness, or because of sheer anxiety. It is important to calm and comfort the animal so that you can be safe. Fortunately, you can make peace with an aggressive equine without much work, provided that you are willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the feat. Here are some tried and tested tricks shared by experienced riders you can rely on.

Think small with training 

Dealing with an aggressive animal requires a great deal of patience. The best piece of advice is to think small with training. Consider taking baby steps because expecting too much from the animal can make it even more anxious and aggressive. Try to understand its abilities and choose training activities accordingly. It will reduce the mental pressure and keep the equine calm.

Keep the animal busy 

Even as you go slowly with training, make sure that the animal is busy. Keeping it occupied with something it enjoys curbs the chances of rowdiness and builds better bonding with the horse. Prioritize activities it is familiar with and avoid trying something new. Simple bending and long, brisk trots work well for settling the mind and muscles of your equine companion. 

Seek help

At times, your horse may be rowdy because it has a medical problem and needs help. If you see symptoms like trembling, rearing, cribbing, and bolting, you must get a vet’s advice right away. The specialist will recommend a treatment plan for the underlying condition, and you will see a behavioral improvement as well. Consider CBD therapy for calming the horse because it is safe, natural, and effective, so you can use it for the long term without worrying about side effects.

Align your behavior

Horses tend to mirror the behavior of riders and trainers. If you want the animal to behave well, aligning your behavior can help. Speaking to it calmly yet firmly establishes a relationship of trust. Try to be quiet while mounting and riding because unexpected and aggressive movements can make it nervous and anxious. An excitable horse is quick to react to whatever you do, so make sure that you are calm and collected at all times.

Establish boundaries 

No matter how experienced you are with horses, there are always chances of the animal getting out of control. Establishing boundaries keeps you safe, so you must have clear ground rules that the animal has to follow. If you communicate consistently, the horse will understand what you expect it to do, and there are good chances it will not overstep the boundaries. Let it know that you are the leader, and it must obey your orders.

Handling a rowdy horse is not a mean feat, but the right attitude and approach set you up for success. Being firm and calm with the animal makes it possible to keep it under control. You must also pay attention to the underlying concerns and address them from the root.