Monday, May 3, 2021

Great Business Investments In 2021


Photo: Unsplash

The internet is full of free and effective tools that can help small business owners with limited resources. Tools can be found in almost every field - from organizing the work environment, controlling and sharing files, to video conferencing. In creative ways, you can even edit a professional marketing video independently and for free. So what software is waiting for you online? You should consider some of the following for 2021. Beware though, any software downloaded should be done via a professional website to avoid things such as the iMarketsLive scam

Video chat conferencing

Do not have time to hold meetings? Don't want to go to a meeting out of town? Maybe the customer went abroad? Google Hangouts is a relatively new tool from Google, offering free features that even paid Skype Premium can not offer. For example, multi-participant conversation with the option to share a screen, work on shared documents and presentations, easily share YouTube videos and more. This is also shared with the software, Zoom. The software makes it possible to produce a live broadcast easily, in a way that allows to present to customers or potential customers exceptional content and in an original and unique way. There is no doubt that this is also an interesting way to deliver lectures or presentations especially in the Covid era, it seems to have been quite an interesting concept! 

Information storage - the cloud is the limit?

Cloud technology has become very popular in the last two years and today, many Internet and communications companies make it possible to store data online in a secure place reserved only for your business. The advantage is the immediate access to data at any time and from any place and less risk of information loss. This is because the computer hardware in the business is better protected and the data stored on the cloud virtual server will not be compromised. The "cloud" which is used today is easy to operate and user-friendly. Most often, they appear on our computer as an additional and accessible drive. Some examples of Cloud software that is free is:

Microsoft Onedrive (formerly SkyDrive)

Google Drive


File conversions

To convert a heavy Wave file to Easy Mp3 for sending, you can use the "Format Factory" software - which allows you to convert all popular types of audio, video, image and cellular files. The software is easy to use and convenient for all and makes life easier when sharing.

Automation software

These days, there are many aspects of running a business that can be automated, giving employees back precious time that they can then use where their skills are really needed. As well as perhaps the more obvious things like finance and scheduling, businesses can also make use of things like automated Strategy Mapping for Informed Decision Making to help them drive growth and improve performance. By having a clear picture of what's going well and where changes could be made, those in management roles will be able to take action and do what needs to be done to steer the business in the right direction. 

Mind maps

To make an order in the business, you can use a "mind map" that allows you to create different flow charts, which will be used for a specific project or for mapping the business, personal life or just for arranging thoughts. But while a lot of people still continue to use a page and pen to draw thoughts and reflections - those who are more open to change can use XMind software that uses ready-made templates of arrows, square circles and flow charts. These maps can be used in presentations, to share with coworkers and more.