Tuesday, July 6, 2021

5 Easy but Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Anyone's Birthday

Image: Unsplash/Kristina Evstifeeva


Finding the perfect gift needn’t be tricky. While all people are different, there are a few common gifting ideas that are so versatile they work for almost anyone. It only takes a small amount of effort to customize these ideas, combining the modern, digital world with traditional values to come up with a present that’s sure to impress. To help you in this endeavor, here are five easy and thoughtful gift ideas for anyone’s birthday: 

1. A Big Beautiful Gift Hamper

The reason gift hampers are versatile presents is because they remain one of the most customizable ideas. There are plenty of pre-packaged hampers designed to suit all sorts of different tastes and personalities. If you can’t find the right one, you can always pack one yourself. 

Gifting a guy? Add some beard oils, salty snacks, pocket-sized joke books, and barbecue accessories. A hamper for a lady could include the usual bath accessories, or you could try something completely new and include essential oils, sweet treats, coffee accessories, cute hair accessories, and even gift cards to a local massage parlor or beauty salon. 

2. A Weekend Away

Who doesn’t love a night or two away? Look out for special offers, competitions, and last-minute deals at comfortable destinations. Accommodation can be expensive, so if you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift, choose a humble Airbnb or bed and breakfast in a quiet area. 

The chance to get away and relax in a new place is enough of a gift, especially if it’s for a couple. They can add any extra luxuries to their account and cover that themselves. The gift is more of a nudge-out-of-the-door. This idea is perfect for expectant parents.

3. A Paid Service

This is another great birthday gift idea for new parents. It also makes life simpler for busy professionals, elderly family members, or someone who recently had surgery. Pay for a delivery service, like meal delivery. Another idea is to pay for a cleaning service once or twice a week for a few weeks. 

These gifts might sound strange, but they can really alleviate pressure when someone needs help. This gift conveys a clear message: you care about the recipient and you acknowledge that they’re in a position where extra help is needed. It is thoughtful and practical. 

4. A Subscription

Similarly, an online subscription can be a great gift. Select the subscription by carefully getting to know what the recipient is currently focused on. If the person is creative or career-driven, this idea is ideal. 

A subscription to Adobe Suite can help graphic designers and video editors get ahead. A package from a web design agency can help the small business owner in your life beautify their website. Meanwhile, someone interested in improving their health might appreciate a subscription to an online yoga class. 

5. Time And Energy

Don’t have the budget for expensive gifts? The people who value you in their lives will always appreciate the gift of your time or presence. A beautifully designed HD photo collage can be a romantic gift. Learning a craft like decoupage or mosaicing empowers you to create handcrafted gifts that are beautiful, thoughtful, and easily customized to suit anyone. Then, of course, you can simply offer to babysit, do some gardening, or help them with anything else you know they need. Never underestimate how valuable your time is to the people you love. 

Make It Meaningful

These ideas are only rough outlines that require you to invest some thought and creativity in order to make them special and unique. Meaningful gifts show that you have considered what the birthday person values.