Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Benefits of Staying at a Family-Owned Motel

There's nothing that feels quite as grand as setting off on a well-deserved vacation. When it comes to reserving your lodging, you'll find establishments of all sizes. If you've ever felt like just a number at a large hotel chain, this time make it a point to experience these amazing benefits of a family-owned motel.

Personal Service

If there's something that everyone appreciates, it's when someone goes out of their way to extend personal service. When you stay at a family motel Niagara Falls NY, they're small enough to meet the individual needs of every guest. Once you reserve your room, they're waiting for you with a smile.

Intimate and Cozy Setting

When you've done your fair share of traveling, you know that most rooms in large hotel chains have the same cookie-cutter appearance. At a family-owned motel, you'll be more apt to find cozy and quiet rooms personally decorated by the owners. This makes for a more intimate setting and a memorable visit. 

Unsurpassed Hospitality

Staying at a family-run motel means that you deal directly with the owners. They're not working for a large corporation and their success depends on their experience and customer service skills. The unsurpassed hospitality you receive at a family motel simply cannot be matched by the large chains. 

New-Found Family

Another huge benefit of staying at a family-owned motel is that after a few stays, they become like family. Once you've experienced the warmth and hospitality that only smaller lodging can provide, you won't want to stay anywhere else. A family motel is like having great friends at the vacation destination of your choice.  When you're setting up your next vacation, decide to stay at a family-owned motel instead of a chain. You'll get personalized service in a quieter setting and you may even make new friends!