Tuesday, November 16, 2021

5 Tips for Keeping Your Campsite Clean


Image: Uriel Mont/Pexels

Keeping a clean campsite requires a bit of preparation. Super-handy campsite gear and the best nonstick cookware will keep cleaning easy, but there are some clever tricks that can help even the most prepared campers. Read on for our top tips for keeping your campsite clean. 

1. Keep Your Camping Gear Clean

The best way to ensure that you keep your campsite clean is ensuring your gear is clean after every trip.  It’s also recommended to check for any cleaning and maintenance tasks that may need to be done the week prior to your trip. This will give you the opportunity to tackle any repairs that may need to be done and clean out any dust or mold that may have accumulated. 

Clean and check over your tent, sleeping bags, folding chairs, and other gear. Having a set cleaning and maintenance routine before and after each camping trip will help you avoid any nasty surprises – like a torn tent or moldy sleeping bag – when you’re out in the wilderness. 

2. Don’t Forget Your Camp-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

The proper cleaning supplies are essential to maintaining a clean campsite. When packing supplies, remember to include a broom and dustpan as these will make cleaning your tent floor and picnic area a breeze. 

Scouring pads are another essential item and should be used to clean all cooking utensils so as to avoid attracting unwanted critters. Trash bags are an absolute must and should be used to store all waste. Remember to keep your trash bags tightly closed at night!

3. Plan in Advance

Planning your setup will take your campsite’s cleanliness to the next level. We recommend setting up your trash and recycling bags first. You will inevitably have trash to throw away as you are unpacking and preparing your space, so this ensures everything remains tidy from the start. You may even consider investing in pop-up trash cans for your next camping trip. 

Another great tip is to lay a tarp where you’ll be cooking and eating so as to decrease your clean-up time. Last, but not least, strategically place your tent away from water sources in order to keep mud and water out of your sleeping space (this will also help you avoid attracting bears and other wildlife).

4. Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

Maintaining a clean cooking space may seem a bit tricky, which is why we recommend packing the kitchen sink. That’s right, you can purchase a collapsible kitchen sink for your next camping trip in order to make your campsite cooking routine that much easier!

 If a collapsible sink isn’t the investment you’re looking to make, that’s okay. Remember to use biodegradable soap when washing your dishes, and utilize non-stick cookware to make clean-up that much easier. Keep critters at bay by straining food particles via mesh strainers or nylon stockings. 

5. Go Beyond Leave No Trace

Out of respect for other campers and the beautiful environment you get to enjoy, it’s important to leave the campsite better than you found it. Ask members of your campsite to spread out and search for any trash that could have been missed during your clean-up, and pick up anything that may have been left by campers before you. 

If your party moved any natural elements such as rocks or logs, place them back in their original location. If you’ve followed the aforementioned tips, your campsite clean-up should be a breeze. 

Are you already utilizing these tips? If not, which will you be incorporating into your next camping trip?