Thursday, December 16, 2021

Discover Florida This Holiday Season

 There are so many wonderful places to visit and discover in America and none more so than Florida. A long-time favorite for families as well as those seeking relief from the icy cold north in the winter, Florida offers some of the best beaches, hotels, family-based adventures, theme parks, and a delightful mix of European, Latin, Asian and American cultures.

So, if you’re wondering what to do this holiday season, or perhaps you’re planning on starting the new year with a vacation (we can’t think of a better time!), read on. We’ve got all the top reasons why you should be putting Florida on your vacation bucket list!

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Some housekeeping: remember to check all the local and interstate Covid regulations (as applicable), and if you’re flying double-check your airline’s rebooking or cancellation policies and fees and make sure that these are in writing.

Remember that every holiday starts with a decent budget, so if a vacation is not on the cards right now, it’s still a good time to start planning for one.

Right, let’s get talking about Florida!


No doubt about it, Florida is blessed with some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, kissed by green a blue oceans. Add to that the incredible weather and you have a vacation right there. Having all of these wonderful beaches also makes it easier to afford a vacation in Florida, because, for the family on a budget (hey, which one isn’t), beach vacations offer endless days in the sun with family and friends. 


Come on, we could hardly talk about Florida and not talk about the best in the world theme parks of Orlando that attract millions of visitors to the state each year, from everywhere around the world. Featuring the most thrilling rides, exciting events, and all the magic and family time bonding you could possibly want or need.  Find out more, here.


Enjoying some of the most varied terrain and topography in the United States means that Florida offers some unique and unparalleled experiences anywhere in the country. There are a dozen parks in the state and for a truly unique way to experience some of them, hop on an airboat and travel at 130 mph discovering them.


We don’t usually think of Florida as the kind of state we flock to for a vacation saturated in history, fine art, and culture but if you’re staying for a minute, add this to your list of reasons to visit the sunshine state. Florida enjoys a diverse and fascinating mix of languages, cultures, and religions that predates the arrival of the Europeans. Various Native American tribes called Florida home long before the explorers arrived, adding even more rich and varied stories to tell.

Of course, for those interested in a life beyond our planet, Cape Canaveral offers a glimpse into our starry future and you can take in regular tours offered by NASA.

There is a never-ending list of fun things to do in Florida and that includes activities for your whole family, or if you’re just planning on a romantic getaway for two you’ll discover loads of romantic places in Orlando.