Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Ways to be More Sustainable in the Home

 Many people are looking for big changes when it comes to sustainability. However, one of the biggest changes and one of the most effective is if everyone tried to reduce their energy consumption in the home. If everyone did just a few of the changes listed below, the energy companies would not have to generate so much electricity to run our towns and cities. As time goes on, energy is going to become more scarce as dirty fossil fuel burning power stations become a thing of the past. During the transition phase to cleaner energy, everyone needs to do their part.

Image from Pixabay

Energy Efficient Appliances 

Although buying new appliances is not conducive to a sustainable household, if you have some old appliances that are not energy-efficient, it is worth your while replacing them for newer products. Perhaps take a look at the wattage, which is generally shown on a label on the plug cable. Additionally, old appliances may well not be running as well as they did when you first bought them. 

The Washing Machine 

The washing machine is a great device, and luckily, there are several ways to use it more cheaply. Washing everything you can on a cold wash will definitely save you money, as will dropping the thermostat from 110°F to 90°F. Try to avoid washing a half load as more washes will increase your electricity spend. Also, when it comes to drying your clothes, try and hand them rather than using the tumble drier.

Your Boiler

Having your boiler serviced every year is a great way to ensure that it is running efficiently. A lot of gas is wasted on systems that are not running to their optimum, so book an appointment every year. It makes better sense to have the check dine towards the end of summer prior to needing it. That way, you can avoid lengthy waits for serving if something does go wrong. It is also generally cheaper to get a service done out of the cold season. 

Solar Panels

If you want to make some real changes to your electricity bill, why not speak to a solar panel company about having solar panels installed. If you own your own home and have access to the roof, then this is a wise decision. With electricity generation getting more problematic due to green measures needing to be placed on industry, if you can create your own micro-gen home, not only will you have electricity during potential brownouts, but you may even be able to sell electricity back to the grid.

Your Refrigerator 

Everyone has a refrigerator, and you should be defrosting it at least once every six months, or not more. If you allow the cooling elements to become completely frozen over, they work harder colling the rest of the fridge. By regular defrosting, it will continue working to its optimum and is less likely to overheat. Another way to save on the fridge is til fill up any empty space with bottles of water. Empty space in a fridge can cost more to cool, so fill it up.