Tuesday, July 19, 2022

What Type Of Fence Is The Best For Your Back Garden?


Image via Pexels (CC0 License)

Unless you live in a very remote area, you will need a back garden fence. To be honest, it can even be helpful in remote areas to prevent animals from wandering into your backyard! Fences offer an extra element of security and protection to your garden, but they can also boost the way your outdoor space looks. 

Clearly, you have lots of different fence options to choose from. So, what type of fence is the best for your back garden? 

A wooden fence

Wooden fences are classic and offer a timeless design that can’t really be matched. They’re cheap, easy for you to erect, and come in many different designs and colors. 

The only bad thing about wooden fences is their durability. In all honesty, they’re probably the worst fences when it comes to lifespan and longevity. They are the least sturdy as well, so they can very easily bend and fall down during bad weather conditions. You can attempt to counter this with some brickwork in your fence. For instance, the bottom of the fence is brick, you have brick posts, and then wooden panels fill in the gaps. But, wood still doesn’t last that long, so it might not be suitable if it rains a lot where you live. 

Metal fences

Metal fencing is a super popular choice because it looks really modern, comes in so many styles, and will stand the test of time. Basically, it ticks all of the big three boxes you’re looking for in a fence. At the same time, it’s also pretty easy to install and doesn’t require a great deal of work. 

One potential downside is that metal fences can get very hot when the sun is out, so you have to be careful not to touch them - and keep your kids away from them. They’re also more expensive than the wooden alternatives. 

Brick walls

If you wanted, you could erect some brick walls around your garden to serve as a fence. This can be quite expensive and time-consuming, but it could provide the best aesthetics when paired with the brickwork of your house. Brick is also super durable, so you have something that lasts for a long time. 

However, if your home doesn’t feature brickwork, this type of fence might look a bit silly. You also may not want to pay for this as it is costly, and you will probably need to hire someone to put it up for you. 

These are the three main options, but you could also consider a natural fence. Effectively, this is when you grow hedges, bushes, or trees to act as a natural barrier around your garden. It can look very pretty, but the obvious downside is that it takes time to grow these things, and then you have to maintain them!

My advice is to stick to one of the materials listed above, but look at your home and think about which one would suit it the best. Some may be better suited to metal fences, while others could look better with a wooden or brick one.