Friday, November 25, 2022

3 Ways to Purchase Your Baby’s Pram



Buying your soon to be born baby a pram can be an expensive purchase. However, it’s an essential that no mother should do without. It’s great for getting your baby out and about while keeping her safe and warm at any time of year.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can purchase your baby’s pram without having to break the bank. Take a look at how to do it.

Second Hand

There are many second-hand prams that look almost brand new. Babies grow quickly so they aren’t in prams for long. You may be able to pick up a second-hand pram that looks immaculate but is half the price tag of a new one.

Just be sure to check it for safety and check that it comes with all the equipment needed to keep your baby safe while in use.

Personal Loan

You may be eligible for a personal loan that allows you to spread the cost of a new pram. This will heavily depend on your credit score. What credit score is needed for a loan?

The higher your credit score, the better your offers will be. Try and get a loan with the lowest interest rate you can find so you aren’t paying back much more than you borrowed.

Payment Plan

Some pram stores offer new parents payment plans. This means you can purchase your pram when you find out you're pregnant and make payments up until the baby is born and you’re ready to collect it. This is usually done at 0% interest.