Thursday, January 12, 2023

What to Know About Holographic Stickers

Objects that are shiny draw attention, and what draws even more attention are shiny objects that change color. You can make a bold statement with a sticker that does both, a holographic sticker. They can even be made into different shapes, sizes, and designs.


People love stickers. They make a statement, are easy to give away and hand out, can be customized to as elaborate or simple as you wish, and so much more. They can also bring back memories or remind you of something important. People lace stickers on suitcases, water bottles, laptops, and countless other places.


Creating customized stickers has never been easier than it is now and there are so many different types to choose from. 

● Die Cut: a contour-shaped sticker that has a split back for easy peeling and application. One of the most common types of stickers.
● Kiss Cut: A single sticker that has a paper backing which makes for easier removal of the sticker and gives extra space for other information or images. Another very common type of sticker.
● Custom Sticker Sheets: These are also kiss-cut stickers but they contain multiple stickers on one sheet, even with different designs.
● Holographic: A similar sticker to kiss cut, but with a feature of color-changing sparkle


Holograms History

There is a fascinating science of holography that dates back to 1947 when Hungarian scientist Dennis Gabor discovered that using a filtered light beam to refine the design of an electron microscope produces a changing color. The very first computer-generated holograms then came about 20 years later in 1967.


Holographic stickers use this same technology to create images that change as your position and the light change. 

It Sparkles!

You might be a sticker enthusiast who loves to design or a person with an event that calls for an announcement or a way to share information. Whatever it is, if you are in need of stickers, you can’t go wrong with ordering and customizing holographic stickers for your needs.

Say It With Sparkle

You may be a sticker enthusiast who loves to design or a person with an upcoming commemorative event like a wedding or family reunion. Maybe you’re looking to put some pizazz into your PR plan. If so, you can’t go wrong with holographic stickers. Stand out from the crowd with your holographic design today.


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