Monday, June 5, 2023

3 Foods That Provide An "Afterglow" Feeling

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Have you ever eaten something so tasty, so light, so indulgent and rich, that you gain a feeling of afterglow? This perfect feeling where you’ve managed to eat just the right amount without feeling sickly, but a little more than usual to celebrate a social gathering or a Friday night before the weekend.

Many of us have had this feeling before, from dipping our warm cookies in milk with our grandparents, to enjoying a rich, delicious soup in the depths of winter. That afterglow feeling can be hard to describe, but it effectively boils down to a fundamental sense of satisfaction and comfort. This is the kind of food that helps you make memories among your loved ones, and label some foods as “comfort” indulgences.

If you’re looking for that feeling, perhaps when planning a dinner party or simply hoping to enjoy some great snacks for your move night this weekend, then we have you covered. Without further ado, let’s consider three foods that provide you with that wonderful “afterglow” feeling.

Johnny Cakes

This wonderful Johnny cakes recipe can provide you with a delicious cornmeal flatbread which can be used for both sweet and savory meals. Mopping up syrups and sauces, they can be a great way to start the day, or an accompaniment for a larger meal. As they can be easily made, they’re also a great side dish for your dinner parties, as they can be used to finish the rest of your cooking sauces or gravies. They’re also rich in flavor but lighter than you may imagine, providing a delicious comfort food that helps you feel fully satiated no matter what you’ve eaten.

Berry Smoothies

Berries are packed with natural anti-oxidants which can help eliminate free radicals. They also taste delicious. Anyone who puts together a berry smoothie will no doubt know how sweet, delicious, and refreshing they are. Add some ice to thin it out, and you don’t have to be drinking sludge, it can be a very tasty, light beverage to enjoy. Better yet, if you pick these berries yourself, you can feel connected to nature. Moreover, they can serve as a fantastic palate cleanser between courses, or help you overcome that feeling of lethargy after a heavy meal.

Cheese & Crackers

Everyone knows how moreish a nice cheese and cracker board can be. Paired with some wine or charcuterie meats, you’ll take this to the next level. Sure, this is a fun indulgence, but it does taste utterly delicious, and thanks to how many cheeses and cracker types you can pair, it will seem like a fun and enjoyable way of binding together social eating with friends and family, while also enjoying creative snacks one after the other. It’s hard not to feel that comforting feeling of satiety as you eat and watch your favorite films, nor to avoid smiling thanks to the wonderful friend group you’re part of here.

With this advice, you’re sure to enjoy a few indulgences that give you a wonderful personal feeling, no matter how indulgent that is.

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