Monday, December 22, 2008

Yellowstone, Wyoming

One of the interesting states we would like to visit soon is the Wyoming state. During our road trip this year we planned to visit the famous Yellowstone, but the amount of time we have is not enough to get there. So we decided not to drive up to Wyoming. Here are some information about the Yellowstone Park.
Yellowstone is the world's first national park. Since its creation in 1872, it has served as a universal symbol of wildness, mystery, and natural beauty. More than three million people from around the world visit Yellowstone each year, and experience something more powerful than its founders ever envisioned. They discover:
  • More geysers and hot springs than the rest of the world combined;
  • The largest concentration of free-roaming wildlife in the lower 48 states;
  • Three of the world's top trout-fishing streams;
  • National Historic Landmarks such as the Old Faithful Inn and the grand Roosevelt Arch;
  • The only place in the world where a wild bison herd has survived continuously since prehistoric times.
Source: The Yellowstone Park Foundation


Analee said...

We've been here just this year. It is a good site, so much to see around. Hope you will enjoy.