Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tips for finding cheap airfares (2)

7. If you can't find an inexpensive flight to the city you want to go, it's often cheaper to fly to a nearby city and then catch a low cost connecting flight to where you really want to be. Depending on the distance, you might also be able to hop on a quick train or bus.

8. Smart travelers know how to take advantage of overbooking. By volunteering your seat when a flight is overbooked you can earn free flights and often even cash from the airline. If you don't absolutely have to be there on time, volunteer to give up your seat, if it becomes needed, when you check in for your flight. Monday morning and Friday afternoon flights are the most likely to be overbooked.

9. When traveling to Washington DC, always compare prices for flying into nearby Baltimore instead, it's almost always much less expensive.

10. When flying into New York City, be sure to compare prices for flying into nearby Newark, New Jersey instead.

11. When flying to Los Angeles, be sure to compare prices for flying into nearby Orange County, Burbank or Ontario (California) airports.

12. When flying to London, be sure to compare prices for flying into nearby Birmingham instead.


Chubskulit Rose said...

kailangan natin to, mga traveler tayo eh hehehe..

by the way, I have posted something here, as a thank you for supporting and comforting me during my tough times, hope you guys like it.

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello girl, me and my husband loves to travel. We usually go on a road trip or simply out of the country trip when we were still both in the Philippines. I normally do what you have posted here to go for cheaper airline tickets hehehe

imelda said...

wow, u gave me an idea for my future travel to new york.
btw, sis my travel is official business but i guess i might spend personal money a lot coz new york is too expensive to finance by the government office i work at.